Handspun socks

Finished the first pair of handspun socks last night, washed them (along with 15 pair of other socks), not as happy as I thought I would be with this pair, none of my boots are big enuff that I can wear them in. So will relegate them to wearing in the house when its really cold (below zero F), and that is supposed to happen starting tonight. 11° below tonight and a good bit colder tomorrow night 24° below zero is whats forecast. Second pair of handspun socks down to toe decreases on first sock, much brighter with lots of odds & sods.

Had a pair of handspun socks hanging around for a long time, much to small for my fat legs. So while Liz was here I sent them up the hill for her grandmother, Swede is in mid 80's and has a much smaller leg. Will be great for her to use as bed socks. Maela photo bombing pix.

My soup turned out great, have had it two nights for supper and will again tonight. Turned out tho that I was SOL finding any noodles, but a bag of Spaetzel worked just fine.

Wasn't able to stay up long enuff last night to see the New Year in, was pounding my pillow just before 11.


  1. Those socks look lovely - I'm sure you will be warm in them. Happy New Year!

  2. Hello, what beautiful spools of yarn and great looking socks in pix of previous posts! And what incredible weather to rip off that heavy screen door...must have made a heck of a noisIe. like the handspun socks - they seem terrifically hardy. How good it must feel to know people have warm feet, because of your beautiful work.
    Here's to a healthy prosperous New Year!

  3. Keep warm Lynne. Happy New Year. Love the socks.

  4. Happy New Year Lynne ! Beautiful socks as always. I have been wearing mine that you made...love them! and keeping my feet nice and warm!


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