Saturday, March 26, 2016

The dreaded plying

If I am to have any empty bobbins to take with me on upcoming travels needed to ply stuff. First two bobbins I gathered up had not been on my list to ply tog but came out not to bad.

Then put the leftover lilac with a almost red again not to bad. Both once skeined will maybe go into yarn I've set aside for upcoming cuff to cuff cardigan.

Found a couple more odd skeins to add to sweater stash, then got a denim blue for maybe the main color to hang everything tog. Then found in ever increasing stash of handspun a brighter blue. Pix of both let me know what everyone thinks about which might be better with the odd stuff. Pix in wrong order darker denim blue on the bottom.

And lastly a small pix of the intended sweater.

Went out to the clinic for usual blood work on Thursday, count was a bit lower than they liked so took and extra half of Warfarin on Friday then back to my normal dosage. Stopped for gas at the store only to find it closed, I didn't know that they were only open on mail days, so headed home with barely enuff gas to make it. Called Christine to see if I could buy a couple of 2 gal gerry cans, enuff when I leave on Monday to make it to next closest station, just a bit over 60 minutes from home. Now have over a quarter of a tank. Traded for the trip down here enuff handspun yarn for a sweater and a leg of lamb, then she hauled a big bag of stuff to the dump, for that trip a skein 100 gram of Regia sock yarns in greens and a small pkg of unopened liver sausage (she likes it as much as I do). Plus her next trip to town she get gas cans filled and I will pay for it. So a better day than I thought it was going to be. Have gas and so far 3 empty bobbins. Plus I figure I owe her big time for the favor.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Finishing Monstersocks

Two pair of socks finished, one pair needed afterthought heel the second about 3 inches of the foot, both now are done, another pair within a few inches of the toe on first sock of that pair. Once third pair is finished will get at the pair for Kristie, this will be my traveling pair to work on while in various places on the road.

First pix is a pair that has been on the needles since early December this pair likely will go into my sock drawer. 2nd is the pair that just needed the afterthought heel, also on the needles for more time than I can remember. Glad to have both pair finished.

Talked to a friend down near Vancouver this morning and will stay there for two nights before heading down to Whidbey for their annual spinning weekend. Have things figured out that I will be able to haul everything inside to spinning room in just one trip. Spinning wheel on luggage cart along with lg Maggie bag with all small stuff inside, then just purse, and bag of spinning fiber. The Maggie bag will have my Louet tool kit along with sandwich, camera, oil bottle, plus all other small goodies. Its quite a walk from parking to spinning room and if I have to make two trips hip will be screaming loudly at me. There are several handicapped parking places right in front but the vendors take them first thing to unload, then sometimes think they forget to move when finished.

Found the perfect cuff to cuff cardigan from Dancing Leaf web page, so perfect I bought the pattern. When I can find a pix that I can post will add it or to the next blog.

Cut finger healed nicely.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

This and That

Knitting bee last Wednesday 9th, stayed until just after lunch then left for town. Stopped first at Wally World for a few things that I can't get anywhere else, then into town where first stop was at Speedy Pete's for an oil change and car wash, then dropped inc tax stuff at accountants, paid a few bills at the bank, got a cup of coffee at Timo's and headed up to Denise's place. First trip into town on my own since I was on the way home from Desert Mesa the first week of November last year. Then first thing Thursday morning got into SaveOn for a grocery order, lots of produce. Lucas came from school bus to unload groceries from car, once I knew he was available to help bought a few more containers of juice and several Clamato, heavy stuff. Overall I think I did OK, didn't feel tired until Friday, then even got in an early afternoon nap. Knitting bee again today and have made Lemon Squares to take.

Posted a pix of my latest socks on the Addicted to Sock Knitting group on Ravelry and had well over 300 likes, blew me away. Jean Miles posted an update on me on her blog and have had readers show up from Poland, Bhutan, Romania, Ireland, France, Netherlands, and 12 as of this morning readers from the UK. Will stop at Tatlako PO before heading to KB to mail Tammy's socks to NC. Keeping fingers crossed that she likes them and they fit.

Bought a rotisserie chicken from SaveOn on Thursday, had at least 4 meals from it along with big salads, then Monday boiled carcass, (not terribly fond of dark meat, so legs and thighs were meant for soup) and made my first batch of chicken with rice soup. Was a delight, ended up with at least 6 meals from the one chicken.

Cut my left hand thumb yesterday, first cut since I've been on the blood thinning Warfarin, and I was a bleeder before I started the W, thumb bled for quite a while, ice and pressure finally had it quit. Band Aid for overnight and glad I did so as must have bumped it in the night and it bled a bit more. Seems OK now, Polysporin and another band aid which of course bothers my knitting.

Selfie (dreadful) with neck scarf made for me by Karen Bonter. Silk with beads, love it.

Sunday, March 6, 2016


Finished the socks for Tammy in NC, started them December 21 st then a bump in the road had me put them aside for awhile. Am so glad the brain is back to communicating with the fingers again. Main color was from Hazel Knits, and then lots of odds and sods from other projects. Next will be socks for KH down near Chilliwack, then a pair of Koigu gloves also for Tammy.

Have a bunch of single skeins of handspun, all close to DK weight that I would like to use for a sleeve to sleeve cardigan, once last of knitting for other people is done just might do it. Think first I might spin another couple of colors just to make sure I have enuff.

I am continuing to do well on my own, hard to believe after the long time in hospital, half of December, all of January and most of February were just a spot in my wasted winter.

Found this somewhere and it really talked to me.

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