Same ole, same ole

Latest sock yarn from Knit Picks big sale.

Not much going on in my wild mountain valley this time of year, hard to write about nothing. Still spinning on the merino-nylon mix in color I call mint chocolate chip, lots of greens with several dark brown places thru out. If all goes according to plans I should finish bobbin #2 yet this morning. Then will start on a brighter color and spin something completely different for bobbin 2 to give me some wild & crazy yarn.

Had a dream last night that I had taken my drum carder to a wool fair somewhere and was making really funky batts (completely out of character for me). But they were so popular with those watching that maybe just maybe will try a few soon.

Liz C picked up the socks I had done for her and 2 kids, brought canned stuff in trade. Did a pair of LOSY (leftover sock yarn) for her, 2 pair for Nolan 12, and a pair of just regular sock yarn for Maela (variegated turqs). Need to do another pair of LOSY's for N and he grew to much since first pair were made. Pix of Maela and Liz's feet with her socks on.

Temps according to Environment Canada's weather page are showing in the 20's below zero F for Monday and Tuesday nights, ever so grateful for the microwavable rice bag that Kristie made for me, 3 minutes on hi keeps feet warm until I fall asleep. Don't know how I ever got along without it. Of course they (EC) are really just guessing, maybe it won't be that cold.

Bought a pair of pants at Wally World (denim but pull on), had to take them back and exchange for a size smaller, I don't see it but even rings don't want to stay on. Leftover results of being in hosp for a month last winter.


  1. We like to hear from you even when not much is going on. This was a very good post, now we know you are o.k. and a little bit about what is going on in your life.

  2. I've read plenty of stories where people follow advice from dreams and it turns out well! Go for it!

  3. Thanks for checking in. Glad to see the socks on the girl - she seems pretty pleased!

  4. Scrap socks are so much fun, I think that's all I've made this year!!! Yours are pretty snazzy!! I have one of those 'hot bags' too. Mine is long & skinny & wraps around the neck when I have a headache or it's really cold in my old basement office. That moist warmth is soooo soothing & nice at bed-time & puts me right to sleep. I've got barley in mine.


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