Noises in yard

Up just before 5 am hearing noises in yard, got right up to look out to see what I could see, looks like a young crow or raven demanding to be fed, maybe they are trying to wean it but from the sounds of the bird it wasn't having anything to do with that.

So got my morning cuppa and hit spinning wheel, wasn't at all happy with what I was spinning, a brownish-cream color, BFL of course, didn't like it that early in the morning so thought about it for awhile then gathered up a Louet S 70 and wound off what I had spun onto it. Feel much better with color, DiCentra turquoise, blues, greens and purples. Also BFL, and I know right now that it will be going into upcoming sweater. So my TdF spinning is moving right along, maybe with any luck the belts for my electric wheel will be here Friday, then will go right into plying mode.

Went out yesterday for blood letting then to knitting bee, and library on the way home. Was just about out of books and can't let that happen. Also took large garbage can with the glass from last falls broken window along with a couple of other bags, Christine took all to the dump, she was going anyway with garbage from church. I had a nightmare of tipping the garbage can over dump edge and falling in after it, with my gimpy leg and hip didn't even want to get close to edge. Last spring I gave C a bunch of handspun for such favors.

10am just had my second cup of coffee, since its been nearly 5 hours since the last feels pretty good going down.

Really looking forward to upcoming college football games on Saturday, especially the Michigan-Notre Dame game, (starting again in 2018) almost as good a rivalry as MI-Ohoho State.


  1. At Michigan State they say if they beat Michigan it has been a winning season!


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