Left here on 21st June to slowly drift south then east, got as far as Spokane, WA, then after various errands and visiting friends in Ellensburg headed back west on Sunday 26th, made it as far as Bellingham, WA before running out of power, knew I’d never be able to do the 2 hours up to BC so got motel. Had a couple of cartons yogurt (4 oz) each from motel kitchen a shower and was in bed right after 8pm. To much driving for this ole lady (temps in 90’s F didn’t help either). Got home yesterday with a load of groceries mostly produce. Had a big kitchen sink salad for supper last, again in bed after my shower just after 9 pm this time.

INR blood tests all over the map again, will have to go out Tuesday to have it checked again, and blood pressure is to low, will likely be told to cut B/P meds in half, was 100/60 on Tuesday in town.

Am hoping for real tomatoes by the end of this month, was hot early this year in BC tomato country, super good ones come from Lilooet or Lytton.

Tour de Fleece gets underway tomorrow and am planning on spinning BFL-Silk mix.


  1. I was sorry we didn't have a chance to have our regular meet-up at Tim's! Young or old, that drive in the heat is enough to make anyone feel exhausted. I'm glad you stayed overnight in Bellingham rather than drive on when you were so tired. I hope you get your blood levels sorted out, and your blood pressure. Enjoy the Tour de Fleece!

  2. Leafy greens can affect the INR. Hope they get it dialed in. Enjoying your posts...


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