Busy Saturday

Len and Denise showed up first thing to load the old tractor stored in my wood shed for the last 20 years, in pretty tuff shape, rotten rear tire and steering column leaking. But he got it at a pretty good price and thinks its worth rebuilding. They also brought my old brush cutter on the trailer and first thing unloaded it and Len cut weeds in front of the house and made a dozen or so trips around knocking down the almost 3 foot high weeds. Will greatly help with skeeter problems. Denise brought the weed whacker and cut down stuff close to house that big machine couldn't get to, all in all it certainly looks better and fire hazard greatly reduced. After lunch Len started in to load the tractor onto the trailer, finally ended up using a come-along to pull it up the ramps and onto trailer. Then pix of tractor going up driveway.

While all the outdoor activity was underway I finished spinning the first bundle of 5.2 oz of DiCentra roving that I bought sometime ago at BSG. And then with no more empty bobbins for my S 90 decided to try plying the old fashioned (for me) way, using the S 70 Louet with much larger bobbins I gave it a go using surgically repaired right leg, just staying at it for maybe 15 minutes at a time it wasn't to bad, much better than I thought it might be. Two empty bobbins meant I could get right in bundle #2, already have quite a bit on it. Thought the belts that I had ordered about 6 weeks ago for my homemade electric wheel might accidentally show up before mail strike gets underway, nope. So tried fusing an old Louet belt in the size needed, letting it rest today so its hopefully a solid join. If it works will ply two more bobbins tomorrow. First pix is the wool-silk I plied second the 5.2 oz of roving.

Blood INR count to high again, so as per DR orders am cutting one of the Warfarin tablets in half, from 7.5 to 6.25, one of these days I hope it stabilizes.


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