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Got out on nice muddy roads on Wednesday to Knitting Bee, but muddy means the ice is melting and for that I will put up with getting my pants legs up against the lower parts of the car while getting out. And wonder of wonders once on the seal cote (pavement sorta) on the way down the hill into Tatla Lake there was even some dust. Also right now at 4°C or 39°F its either going to snow or rain, can barely see the south mountains. Spring snow squalls yet to come.

Took the current sock with to KB and am now withing a few color patterns of having 2nd sock finished, this pair with be going to NC when finished. Next will be the socks for KH in Chilliwack, they should go quicker because she wants them several inches shorter in the leg than what I'm now working on. Have the perfect blue picked out and I think will be adding purples, reds, dark gray maybe a darker teal. Just starting to sort colors out in my wanderings.

I am doing really well here by myself, dishes all caught up that was one thing I didn't do very well in late December when feeling so punk. I really didn't realize just how sick I was.


  1. Hi Lynne. Glad to hear you are really on the mend now - even though you have to do dishes. Looking forward to seeing you again at Desert Mesa.

  2. Feeling good is probably the greatest gift we can have. We're delighted that you are doing so well. Keep it up!

  3. The colours for those socks sound terrific! Your last sentence is what my mom said about herself, that she hadn't realized how sick she had been in the weeks leading up to her fall and hospitalization for pneumonia.

  4. I'm looking forward (as always) to what the new socks will look like. I'm glad you have alone time in your home, under your own roof; that must feel great. I am looking forward to rain here, starting tonight. Here's to 'snow squalls' sounds like good knitting weather.

  5. Glad you are doing so much better! My mother used to use the expression "feeling punk" so I was wondering about the origin of that expression - one reference I found said that it was probably of Eastern Algonquin origin.

  6. That's the problem when you live on your own & don't have a lot of daily contacts, you really DON'T know how sick you are when you're sick!! It's the daily contact that keeps you on your toes - or at least every coupla days, old thing. Glad you're up & at em once more!!!

  7. So happy for you that you are "full tilt knitting" again and getting out to your KB!!! I know that chick KH in Chilliwack - excited to see what her socks will be like. Stay well Lynne


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