Just came in from shoveling the porch and steps clear of 6 or so inches of new snow, then started on the car, got front windshield and all side windows done, back will do tomorrow. Went out at the warmest part of the day, 18°F, wasn't to bad. Had on my warmest jacket, gloves and a handspun hat, but even with wool socks on my feet got cold. Tomorrows low predicted to be between 6 and 8° below zero F so wanted to get it done today. Then drove car around house and up to the main road, turned around at neighbors drive and came back down, just making sure I could get out. Planning on heading for Tatla tomorrow Knitting Bee, a flu shot at the clinic, and library books to be returned (hopefully I'll find a few to bring home).

Ordered purple yarn from Little Knits big sale, will wait on starting next socks until it arrives, may be early next week. Seems as tho lately everyone wanting socks wants purple, I'd run just about out except for a few small balls. Two slightly different colors one a bit more magenta than the other.

Wish I knew how to have pix show up side by side instead of on top of each other.

Christmas sale in Tatla is this Saturday, I'm planning on going out and sharing a table with Christine from KB. Have a few pair of socks, felted kids slippers, toddler sized socks. When I went to Fiber Fusion I bought a small bag of dyed kid mohair locks, knit two pair of toddler sized socks with finger teased kid knit along with the main yarn, came out just about what I expected and will likely be about the warmest socks ever. One pair with just a contrasting lice pattern.

Thought briefly about thawing a turkey breast for Thursday supper but decided to wait and have it over the weekend, since I'll be gone on Saturday will cook same Sunday, have one yam left, but out of salad stuff, so instead will made a large carrot salad.


  1. Was the broken window ever replaced?

    1. Nope, seems as tho no one wants to come this far west. Will keep trying.

  2. I truly envy that you have found that thing that you love to do and you have become an expert at doing it. Your knitting is "the best"!!!

  3. It is so cold there! Last night it went down to 25°F. We've yet to see one snowflake! :(


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