The 1st two bobbins from TdF

The first two bobbins of CMF's merino is finally plied and into skeins. Ended up with just over 900 yards of two ply fingering weight, altho once merino is washed it always poofs up. Seemed to take forever to get it plied (not my favorite part of the job). Klaus from CMF's called it sock hop yarn, but I'm not so sure that straight merino is the best choice for socks.

Next I'll be plying the wool-silk mixes from Rain City.

Back to hot weather for the next couple of days before we are supposed to be getting some rain towards the middle of next week, I'll believe it when I see it.

Nothing else new and excitingly different in my world.


  1. It's very pretty yarn, Lynne. I agree about 100% merino not being the best for sock yarn, at least not for every day kind of socks. We had a forecast with some rain in it for later in the week, but I see this morning that has changed and now they are saying no rain.

  2. I agree with you, not the best for socks!! But, as Christie says, it's very pretty. Maybe a neck warmer?? Or long gloves, sleeves for winter spinning. Apparently no rain in sight for the Wet Coast. We're sitting in front of fans with iced coffees in hand or hanging out in air conditioned splendor. I actually turned on the air conditioning in my car on Friday, first time this year!!!!

  3. Ha! Two days later it's raining here in Vancouver. Not for long probably but I'll take what I can get.

    Pretty yarn, Lynne!


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