Finished the second bobbin of the wool-silk mix, really glad to see the end of it, was as fly away fiber as I have ever spun, was finding it everywhere. Then got out some well aged stash, a brown of some unremembered breed but so full of kemp like white stuff as I have ever seen, for each piece I spin I first pre draft so the white stuff shows up then pulling it out, then once I start spinning find even more to discard. Had thought to do a couple of full bobbins of this but don't think I'll be able to stand that much. I bought it at conf several years ago when there were vendors upstairs, sure wish I had checked same before buying. Live and learn. But I do need the brown color for some upcoming patterns on my list of handspun socks.

Have some merino-silk 50-50 to spin next just 125 grams each of two different colors. Will be some different from what I am now spinning, not sure what it will be except for yarn for awhile, will let it gracefully age until it talks to me.

Have been having a rough affair with Arthur Itis, makes my hand tingle just thinking about it. Have really been bothered towards evening during what I think of as prime knitting time, but a good friend told me not to quit what was my normal routine, so I plug along doing maybe 4 or 5 rows then a break with stretching exercises. Makes for slow sock knitting but won't give up my knitting, just gonna be a bit slower.

Had enuff rain yesterday (along with thunderman and lightfoot) that the ground actually looked wet this morning. Hope and pray that the Oliver area gets some soon to help with the terrible wild fires burning in the area.


  1. Pretty colors in roving-like the tye-dyed look.


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