3rd time's the charm

Made the first gray w/ natural colors sock some time ago, kept notes (useless). Second sock well down the foot (30 plus rows) when I measured it against the 1st sock, at least 1.5 inches bigger at the instep and foot, well figured out that instead of grabbing another ball of the wool & silk mix I had knit with a perfect match color wise wool & mohair (it was late and I was to tired to be knitting). So frogged the mess all the way back to the start of the heel, then knowing fer sure I had the wool-silk mix started from the heel, only thing was that it was a different batch and slightly heavier weight yarn, so again when I measured just past instep was again way to big (down from 1.5 inches to just 1 inch), so last night was singing the SSSSS song ripped it out again, this time the whole thing..... This morning am plying two bobbins of the wool-silk mix, once its done will have 1 more try at a pair that are the same size, will make sure that the newly plied yarn is dedicated to just the needed socks.

Went to Tatla yesterday for weekly Knitting Bee (I don't go weekly maybe just twice a month), got gas then stopped at Selma's garden spot on the way home, picked up swiss chard, beets with wonderful greens attached, 3 kinds of lettuce, new potatoes, nice handful of edible pod peas, 4 jars of mustard pickles (from Liz Charleyboy) and 2 dozen eggs. So last nights supper was leftover small pieces of roast pork, beet greens, big salad and small nugget potatoes, enuff of everything but greens for tonight's go round, will have swiss chard this time.

Even had a delightful day of rain yesterday, so badly needed.


  1. Doncha hate it when that happens? I recently knit several parts of a sweater at least twice and then had to frog the whole darn thing because it looked awful and didn't fit. Bleh. Now it's becoming yet another sweater. Third version! This will work for sure and so will yours.

  2. Good to hear you got some rain! We got a few showers hoping for a lot more. Some projects sure try our patience don't they?!? Sounds like you have a plan!

  3. We got a little rain here on the Wet Coast too - had all my plants lined up in the drive waiting for any moisture they could get. Sorry to hear about your socks. Home made mustard pickles, OMG. You lucky thing.


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