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Got the 2 bobbins of the variegated blues plied Wednesday and Thursday, was so hot that electric wheel was heating up so had to take it slow, and now I know why, big build up of grease on shaft slowing it down, used alcohol to clean it off, bobbin now moves freely. So next will ply later today the 2 bobbins of Sherwood from Dicentra.

With the TdF starting tomorrow, planning on spinning 2 8 oz bundles of vintage merino from Crown Mountain Farms, alas now closed. but today's goal will be 5 oz of Orange Creamsicle, not sure if its doable with afternoon heat, so got started on it at 5:30 am. Gets hot enuff in wool room mid afternoon as to be uncomfortable to be out here and that is with all windows (6) open and both doors. I have a sneaky feeling that my WW is ill, if I had a small enuff Allen wrench to move the cap piece think it would improve performance, will take it to OFFF and see if Nathan can tweak it for me.

Got to town last Tuesday (one of the few cooler days), paid property taxes, got a much needed haircut, did some banking and picked up a few groceries, mostly produce and fruit. Have had a large salad every night along with a bit of the rotisserie chicken I bought, will freeze legs and dark meat for soups later this fall.

According to Environment Canada supposed to be back up into 30's for the next week or so, tuff on this ole ladies dry skin showering every night.

Lynda from Cultus Lake get hold of me at sockladyatlincsatdotcom


  1. You're the first person I've ever heard of who has had a spinning wheel overheat. :-)

    I love the yarn you just spun, especially the one on the right. Hopefully it doesn't get as hot as predicted up where you are. You must be very worried about fires.

  2. Feeling the heat here in Seattle. No spinning, no weaving, not too hot to knit - scarves, scarves, scarves.

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