A speed bump on the merino hiway

Last night I was to hot & sweaty to think about dealing with another 8 oz of merino so grabbed the closest fiber to spin just before crashing. I'm not sure what the fiber is, but feels silky so likely either BFL or? I already have a bobbin full of light gray (waiting in the plying queue), it plied with what I am currently spinning will be perfect for the 3 pair of mens sized fingerless gloves on order from Norway. Perfectly plain no color no patterns, will be difficult for me to see the Sherwood already plied and not think just a few small peeries or stripes would go so verra nicely with the light gray.

This is the other bundle of merino, it will be next after the light gray. Hopefully to look like its supposed to be plied with the first 8 oz already done.

Got the 2 bobbins of Sherwood (merino-silk) plied before 7 this morning.


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