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Getting ready

For upcoming NwRSA trip, started laundry first thing this morning and promptly washed a Kleenex, doesn't stay tog any better than I last time I tried. Took everything outside to shake it in the wind, still had to vacuum up some pieces. 3 loads done, last in the machine now.

Yesterday while spinning I saw a flash of a deer in panic mode running for its life, about 50 feet behind was either a wolf or coyote, happened to fast to know for sure.

Last nights storm with lots of lightening, Thunderman and Lightfoot followed by enuff rain that if something was set ablaze the rain took care of it.

Back 3rd or 4th ish of June.

Sunday 9:45 Finished the 2nd bobbin of the mixed greens, then folded spinning wheel and got it in its traveling bag, will load in the car tomorrow.

1st bobbin finished

Finished bobbin #1 of the various greens in a marathon session this morning, had only planned on 30 minutes or so but as I got closer to the finish line just kept spinning, ended up with almost 90 minutes at the wheel. Am sure I'll pay with my right leg later today, will keep aspirin handy.

Ran out of two of the first greens I used but keep finding more so 2nd bobbin won't be wildly different, will just have different greens in diff places.

Sky is full of ominous big thunderheads, as long as they produce rain I'll be happy. The smoke from a couple of days ago has cleared, that's a welcome relief to be able to open windows again.

More green stuff

Have now run out of two of the greens, poking around found a small amount of green kid mohair, fits nicely in the mix, then found a merino-mohair blend that might work. Its actually a blend of maybe 5 or 6 colors, will give it a try and see if my hands can turn out what I see in my mind. Even if it isn't what I'm looking for will be usable yarn for something.

Bobbin #1 is I am guessing over half full.

The new green kid mohair.

The merino-mohair blend.

12:30 well that batch didn't work, so kept looking and found a couple of 4 oz bags of something called Green Goddess a merino-tussah silk mix, perfect.

My wild mountain valley is full of smoke, from the big fire up south-west of Prince George, the wind when conditions are right bring smoke down into the valleys. There is another fire just west of Anahim Lake about 75 air miles from Tatlako. Good time to stay indoors with my spinning wheel and knitting. The rain that fell yesterday was most welcome, not nearly enuff but will …

Green stuff

Gathered up 5 various greens all from my stash (my favorite color), then separated each of the colors into 12-15 inch pieces, started spinning and so far I like what I'm getting. Have enuff of the 5 colors to fill at least 2 bobbins, anything I run out of will just stick in another green of some sorts. Have no idea where I bought some of the roving and if I knew there are a couple I would never buy from again, the middle green has bits of plastic baling twine thru out, not at all pleasant. One of the others has an unusual amount of guard hairs, really white stuff. 2nd pix shows 2 pieces each color on the bobbin. So far so good.

Got out yesterday to my first knitting bee since April 22nd, several there that haven't been the regulars, good to see new faces.

Before I started spinning the greens I finished the Orange 'creamsicle' from Smith & Ewe in Kamloops, still have the second bag to do will take it with me when I go down to conference the end of this month. But wh…

Home again

Came down my driveway yesterday just after 12:30 with Dorian aboard to unload car. He had everything in the house in about 10 minutes, then we loaded a big bag to go up to the dump, then dropped him home on the way by, I was happy and he was too $20 richer.

All travel plans fell nicely in place and made all scheduled stops, even had time for a nice visit with Carol & Tom in Bell-ham instead of usual quick coffee and dash. Got in the visit with Kristie and Lynda, talked for almost 2 hours, then north to Wms Lk, unloaded a few goodies to go into Denise's fridge, including 6 pounds of Tillamook pepper jack cheese (they love it). I had stopped at Moreno's in Langley-Surrey and picked up 3 pounds brats (in 1 lb pkg.) will have a couple links with sauerkraut tonight for supper. All the rest went into freezer.

After leaving E-burg early Monday morning never took my knitting out of the car the rest of the trip, when ever I would stop for the night looking at email and such before…

Williams Lake Spin In 2015

Another very successful spin in, got there early with Denise so was able to get pix of the rows of empty chairs. Soon started filling up, believe I heard that 47 were registered, several gals came from Kamloops, Fay from Avola, and even a few from lower mainland (I think).

In the order (I think)
My Maggie bag with fibre that I was hoping to start spinning, didn't quite get there.
Tables all set up for lunch.
Empty chairs first thing after arriving.
2 rows filled with spinners and wheels.
Cake donated by guild member (when I find out her name will add it to blog).

Click on pix to make bigger.

Sunday morning I headed south down thru the Okanagan crossed border at Osoyoos then south via the back roads towards Spokane, leaving Spo direction (ended up not going to Spokane afterall), headed west and south ending up in Portland to see a friend not doing so very well, in the hospital by the time I got there with pneumonia, so only a very brief visit but she knows I was there. Now headin…