Small wonder

I can't find any 2.5 mm 16 inch circular needles, they are all busy. Guess the Little people crept up and grabbed my needles when I wasn't looking. Have 4 pair (whoops) on the go at present time, (have no idea how that happened). Will take the two blue-y pairs with on upcoming road trip.
Had thought about going south via the Vanc border crossing but due to unforeseen things will now cross the border south of Osoyoos, then weave my way south from there ending up somehow in Portland. Then back up I-5 to BC will stop and be picking up the rest of books and mags at Gails.

The plying from Tuesday worked out pretty good. To empty the 2nd Woolee Winder bobbin I plied the remaining turquoise with another single yarn with lots of pink and some turq together.

Once I'm back home from travels will certainly continue plying, darned shame I've let it get so far out of hand.

Another new follower, amazing 3 new f's in last week or so.


  1. Do 2 16" circulars work better for you than 5 dp's? I haven't tried that -maybe it's easier!
    I am having chiken and rice soup and thinking of you. I have knit some socks on 2.25's and a little short - have decided I like 2.5 mm better and a longer sock....I like my handknit socks up and over my jean cuffs and I guess ñot such a tight knit.......Sounds like you are off on a safe. Lynda

  2. Beautiful handspun yarns! Enjoy your road trip sounds like fun! My daughter and I are planning a hike tomorrow - looking forward to blue skies and fresh air. The weather people are saying warmer weather- we shall see- still is chilly here in the South.

  3. What are your approximate dates for heading back through Chilliwack Lynne? Hopefully we can have a meet up at Timmies. Pineconeknitter (commenter above) is my sock knitting neighbour, and she would love to meet you.


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