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Small lil pizza's

Bought some Naan bread while in town last trip to experiment with. Tonight's was small pizza's, a very small amount of pizza sauce, then spinach, roasted red peppers, pepperoni and mozz cheese, not bad at all. Could have used some fresh mushrooms but didn't buy any this trip.

Back working on another pair of monstersocks, main color I think will be red but then something else might jump into the mix. Waiting on the wool-silk mix in gray to arrive from Paradise Fibers, hopefully the other color will be burgundy, both needed for two pair of upcoming socks, will pass the colors by the gal from Vanc Island that they are for at Desert Mesa in April.

Fraternal socks

Finally finished Isabel's Monstersocks, she wanted fraternal and they really are. Do hope I haven't gone overboard with them.

Ended up having to go back to town Monday this week for a visit with my favorite Dentist (NOT), badly cracked tooth. My appointment wasn't until 4:40 Monday thus guaranteeing I couldn't make it home before dark and as it turned out had to stay over to get repairs finished on Tuesday. Lighter in the wallet but tooth is good to go again.

Woke up yesterday to a skiff of snow and it was gone by noon, today's snow is coming at a tad bit colder temps and looking like it might stick, especially since its still snowing. Nothing to complain about we here on the almost west coast have had an incredibly mild winter, Vancouver ski mountains didn't fare very well this year at all, most have been closed for the last month or so.

Need to make two more pairs of socks both out of colors I didn't have in my stash, so ordered Cascade Heritage wool-sil…


Finally got to town, went in Tuesday and did a a whole lot of running around, then headed up to friends just before 5 to crash, then Wednesday morning started just after 8 am by getting car filled w/ gas, then to Kal tire to have tire pressure checked, wheels re torqued, Margetts Meats (didn’t buy anything) and then to SaveOn for a pretty good grocery order, just about everything green they sell, kale, spinach, mixed organic salad greens, head lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, cilantro, celery, cucumbers, green beans, sugar snap peas, then 2 each large red, orange and yellow peppers, and a spaghetti squash, so last night for supper had a large salad. Will have same again tonight along with some of the rotisserie chicken I bought. Am I happy you bet. And best of all the roads were bare and dry both ways. Lucas car unloader came down from school bus and had car unloaded in just over 10 minutes, best $20 I spend. Had 4 flats of water (24 bottles each) and he is strong enuff to carry two at a…

Pride goeth before a screw up.

I've made more than a few pair of socks and I should know how to cast on correctly, NOT. Just after Downton Abbey last night cast on (I thought) for Isabel's second Monstersock, first time got number of stitches right and promptly started knitting with the tail, wasn't gonna work, so pulled everything out and started again, this time to have first three stitches (beginning of cast on) slide off the needle, OK I can do this so started over once more, 72 stitches on 2.5 mm needles. By Jove I think I got it, proceeded to knit the first row as I always do and found I was 6 stitches short on first needle, thought I could at least count to 18, apparently not. 4th time was the charm and by now after getting a couple of rows into ribbing figured it was time out before I did something else stupid. Pix is the first sock, problem free.

Cleaned out my box where I stash ball leftover from various other projects, thought maybe this batch might make an interesting pair of Monstersocks. M…

More snow then freezing rain

Got out to Knitting Bee yesterday, glad it wasn't today with the snow and possibility of freezing rain early afternoon. Just about tired of winter, seems like it been particularly hard this year dealing with not being able to get to town for groceries, Williams Lake has been hammered with even more snow than what we have had and roads have been a nightmare. So would rather do without than drive 3 hours with white knuckles. Not about to run out of food just the things I crave this time of year like salads, fruit, fresh veggies etc.

Got a pix of baby wearing the 2nd pair of socks, trading a run to the dump with my goodies on board with the babies grandmother, slick. I don't mind the trip myself when the snow and ice are gone and will go back to doing it as soon as that happens. Have two more pair waiting, reds with a seed stitch leg and a pair with pastel colors.

Stopped on the way home from KB and picked up 4 loaves of w/w bread, each loaf must weight close to 2 pounds, enuff b…


Coming to watch Super Bowl, something wrong with either their remote or TV. She is bringing sandwiches and I made a large pot of burger vegetable soup, sure smelling good, a pound pkg. of extra lean burger, lots of carrots, celery, 2 small sized potatoes, home canned stewed tomatoes and a can of cannellini beans. Started it at 9 this morning so hopefully all will be blended by the time we eat it.

Saw a cow moose in my yard yesterday around 3:30, dark colored moose in even darker trees meant no pix, altho I stood out on porch for 10 minutes just in case it came back this way. First I've seen in my yard in a good long while.

Supposed to be getting snow today but right now sun is trying to shine and I can count the flakes coming down, guess environment Canada didn't guess right again.