Way to early

Up this morning just before 4:30am, various critters talking, first coyotes then wolves, both sounded like they were east and maybe a bit south of my place. Kind of hard to tell exactly where they were because they are always moving. Tried going back to bed when noise calmed down but that didn't work as they soon started up again. So nothing to do but get up, start the coffee and knit before checking puter.

All but one of the parcels I mailed have arrived, still waiting to hear if Maggie's socks made it. Socks to Mel on Vancouver fit and she was happy, two pair of fingerless gloves rec'd one pair to Vanc Island and one pair to KY (pix below). Update Maggie has her socks, they fit and she likes them, so now happy to report all 4 parcels are in their new homes.

Another pair of baby socks went to Jo when she picked up my goodies for the dump, this is going to work just fine. I get to experiment with new designs and color combos and her grand daughter has warm feet. Pair I am working on now is from a leftover ball of Regia wool & silk mix and I think prolly more suited for a boy but will run them by her next time and see what she thinks. Once they are finished back to Monster socks for Isabel.

Yesterday made a large pot of chicken w/ noodle soup, lots of celery and carrots, now have leftovers for a couple more nights (and of course soup will taste even better tonight). Sunday nights are for Downton Abbey on the telly, watch it in Hi Def at 6 and then can get it at 9 on the PBS west feed if I think I missed anything. Its the only thing I watch faithfully, except for the news at either 6 or 11pm.

Vancouver area got hit with a major pineapple express and it was big enuff to catch my valley as well, rained quite a bit Friday and made my driveway into a skating rink, will wait for either more snow or more melting before I give it a try. Hardly any of what is called the north shore mountains escaped, most are bare except at the very top where the wet slushy snow shows up. This ski season was a bust from the very beginning.

Would dearly love to make a trip to town soon, but will wait until weather is a bit better. The main hiway into town was down to essential travel only for a day or so due to ice.


  1. I'm surprised to hear the Pineapple Express made it up to you, Lynne. This has been a non-winter here. It's the end of January and we have only had two very short cold snaps and one dusting of snow since early November. I feel sorry for anyone who bought a season pass for the local ski hills. I hope you're able to get to town soon. Wonderful fingerless gloves!

  2. Such fun and funky gloves!

    Yes, glad I don't ski. And we'll probably end up with a water shortage this summer because of the lack of snow-pack. We can't hold on to all this rain!

    Stay safe, Lynne. No slipping on ice, OK?


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