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Life in the slow lane

Watching two squirrels chasing each other on the driveway side of the fence, one will duck into a long dead Saskatoon bush (grizzly trashed it several years ago), then the other comes flying across the open hillside. I'm sure they both are being smart by running so fast just in case an eagle or coyote makes an appearance.

Another little blast of arctic air, -28°C (18° below zero F), am ever so grateful to Sam for getting my furnace going again, without it I would have had to head elsewhere until this stretch passes by. I warm up buckwheat bag in microwave just before getting in bed and its been keeping my feet warm until early morning, briefly thought about nuking it again at just after 5 am but by the time I thunk on it just decided to stay up.

Boiled the ham bone this morning and have now added a split pea mixture to the mix, once bone and leftover ham are cool enuff to handle will get the remaining meat off the bone and back into the pot, onion already in, carrots diced into sm…


Sam local electrician in yesterday to look house furnace over, turns out to just have been the pilot light blew out during the high winds of the 9th. Except for 2 old baseboard heaters I didn't have any heat in main part of the house from the 9th until the 23rd. First time in 2 weeks that I don't have on several long sleeved shirts and a wool sweater.

Several people are more concerned about me being here on Christmas day without any company, but really its just what I want. Will be cooking a small ham and maybe scalloped potatoes, carrot salad and a small yam. Lots of leftovers then to be followed by either bean or pea soup.

Today its relatively warm -6°C with lots of sunshine and blue sky, if the sun would have made an appearance while furnace was out sure would have been a lot better.

Not much of a fan of country or rock n roll Christmas music and right now that is about all the radio I can get is playing, so will put on some old stuff on the CD changer, Phil Coulter, Gordo…

Town and stuff

Got into town Wednesday after lunch time at knitting bee, worried all night about roads but considering the snow and weather we have had they were in good winter conditions, compacted snow out west then gradually tapering off until no snow in Williams Lake. Stayed over night with friends then started early Thursday morning in town, first got into SaveOn for groceries (first time in 8 weeks) so needless to say I needed lots. Bought 3 kinds of lettuce and a box of spinach, then 3 colors of peppers, celery, carrots, cabbage and close to one of whatever else was in the produce isle. From there just across the street to Staples, then Tim Horton's for their Christmas cups.

From Timmies I got my gas (wow down finally to $1.01 a liter), then a needed car wash, bank, then just time enuff for a hair cut, met Lorelee at 11:30 for lunch, headed west just after 12:30. Picked up Lucas my car unloader at 3:30, after car was unloaded he reloaded with stuff to go to the dump, after the dump droppe…

The F word is back

Flurries, every once in a while environment Canada sorta guesses right, this time the flurries arrived right on schedule but now doesn't know when to quit. Heavy wet snow has been coming down (again) for the last 6 hours or so, but would much rather see the snow than more rain. The rain we did get is more than usually comes down all winter and most of the spring. Even brought the river up a lot.

Working on fingerless gloves going to KY., waiting to hear if she wants identical of fraternal. Just 3 fingers left to do on #1, when this pair is done am taking a break from tiny needles (2.25 mm) and might go back to slippers on giant needles to be felted, will see how left hand reacts to the change in sizes.

Made meatloaf last night for supper and now remember why I haven't made it for at least 10 years, mine isn't very good. So will finish it off today in a sandwich with lots of mustard.


From bad to worse. Tuesday night the main furnace in the house quit, no problem electric baseboard heaters keep house sorta warm, but then power went out yesterday just before noon, so no power no heat, then the frosting on the cake the phone quit as well. Never in my life have I been so cold, had on 3 layers and over top my heavy winter parka. Finally went to bed to get warmed up, flannel pj's and big down comforter did the trick. Again this morning house was way to cold, again 3 layers topped with my boiled wool jacket, not good. Had just begun thinking about going to Tatla for a hot breakfast and coffee when at just after 10 power kicked on, and shortly thereafter the phone was working again. If this should ever happen again will get my butt out of here and go visit someone with wood heat.

Pineapple Express

20 inches of snow and then it rained last night (and still is) = a mell of a hess. No doubt my driveway will either be ice or mud, given my choice I'd choose the mud. Just getting light enuff out now to see about 50% + of the snow is gone. Exciting times in my wild mountain valley.

Pix of the last 2 pair of fingerless gloves and the gloves for MG in AZ, one more pair of fingerless on needles now and then am going to have to take a break for awhile and let my left hand simmer down, osteoarthritis in thumb and forefinger makes knitting anything extremely uncomfortable, will use heat and ice and hope it calms down right soon. Its going to be hard not sitting in the evening without my knitting, will instead try and read on either the iPad or Kindle, which ever is easy to hold.

Christmas package arrived from the brother and wife in VA, box is damaged, tape holding bottom together is pretty much undone, tape on sides is all that is holding it tog. Will wait until Christmas to open, tha…

We are having a heat wave

From -34° to -4°C in just days, keep hoping the snow will slide off my car so I don't have to go out and scrape it clear.

Soup is on, boned turkey breast this morning (boiled it yesterday), have now added carrots, and celery, turkey meat back in pot along with leftover gravy. Closer to 4 will add noodles of some sort and call it supper. IMHO the best part of any turkey. I save all the skin and other bits (carefully boned) for a friends big dog.

Finished the first of the quieter fingerless gloves, will send the wilder pair to Isabel and keep these for me.

Waiting for the grader to come down the drive, was supposed to be here yesterday but must have got held up somewhere.