Spinning and

Came really close to my goal for the Tour de Fleece, one full bobbin of the turquoise and within maybe a foot & a half of the 'sand' braid. Hopefully will finish yet today, provided it doesn't get to hot to spin. Got in nearly an hour already this morning and am thinking another hour should do.

Knitting bee last Wednesday had two new gals join us, both brought their spinning wheels, coming from Punzi, nearly as far as I drive to get to KB.

Pix of Elis teaching her leftie daughter to crochet. Pix is good and daughter got onto to it straight away.

No KB this week and am glad, its going to be another cooker, mid to upper 80's and most unusual for this wild mountain valley. But will soon be August and usually by the 2nd or 3rd week the nights start getting frosty, soup & sweater weather.


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