Started with 2 soft bags, one with smallish balls of variegated yarn, the other the same but solid colors. Just reached in and first took a ball of variegated, knit 5-6 rows then got a solid color, another 6 or so rows. As I finished with each color into a 3rd bag so I couldn’t get the same color back to back. Have enuff of both to make yet another pair.

When I am in between adult sized socks and am wondering how an idea percolating would look I make socks for about a 2 year old size, they go really quick and show me if the idea will work or not. Both these two pair were in the not category.


  1. Very fun idea on designing the socks! Great way to use up leftovers.

  2. Love your socks, they are so colourful and bright.

  3. May I ask if the yarn you are using is creating the patterns or are you knitting with 2 colors occasionally. Beautiful socks!

    1. I am using two colors when ever the patterns show up, lots of leftover odds & sods.

  4. Gorgeous monster socks and the method for pure randomness is fun and unpredictable. Way cool. As always. I think its impossible for you to make an ugly pair of socks :O)

  5. I am tempted to finally try a pair of these as your results are always so outstanding but first I need to buy a few brighter colors to mix in.


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