Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Wasps

Having a big problems with flying stinging critters getting in the house, catch anywhere from 4 to 12 per day, when they first started was letting them go outdoors but when count grew catch them in a glass jar and when heat on window still cooks their goose I then flush. So far have only been stung once, so far. And its just not my place they are everywhere, one neighbor has had as many as 80 in one day.

World cup soccer is in time out until Friday, needed a break. After last game yesterday did 3 loads of laundry (well seemed a bit low so was carefully conserving water, flushing and showers deemed more important than laundry). The heat from last few days has brought river up and seems well goes with the river even tho they aren't even close to each other, well is 80' deep and river maybe 3' at deepest.

Then on top of everything else was having internet access problems, could read email a couple of times a day but sending not so nice. Today seems as to everything is back to normal (or so I hope). Blogging and later answering emails.

Finished the conservative Monstersocks, afterthought heel was difficult to work on after dark, but everything finally finished. Immediately started another pair black main color then every red & orange I own, so far looking like a winner.


  1. Beautiful as always! Always love seeing your socks with all the colour combinations! We are being eaten alive with mosquitoes!! Poor animals are suffering too...

  2. Lynne - try the fake wasp nests from the dollar store - I have 2 and they really do work to keep wasps and hornets away!

  3. I would rather have wasps and bees than mosquitoes - even though wasp stings are life-threatening to me. (Yes, I have an epi pen handy always.) I seem to be able to avoid them but mozzies love me way too much!

    The conservative monster socks are lovely but the bright ones are much more my style! Delicious.


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