Got home just after 1 pm on Wednesday 4th, brought in several bags of produce first thing, then knitting, puter and camera. All the rest waited until I gathered up Lucas to unload the heavy stuff. Shortly after taking him home I crashed, slept from 4 to almost 7 pm. Then had a big salad for supper, best part of the long drive from town.

Almost -3° yesterday and today looks like more of the same, nice to get rid of mozzies temporarily but tough on the gardeners. Hoping Saskatoon's made it before the mornings with frost. Have great difficulty turning heat on in June so instead back to the wool sweater.

Finished the conservative blue & green Monstersock #1, now that I am home with stash at hand can get ready the second ball of the main color in the Orangerino's, knit enuff on them that I was down to a walnut sized ball of the Hazel Knits main color. Also on the go is the Koigu gloves in more green, blues and purples, at the point of joining the little finger. Want to have these all done before Tour de Fleece gets underway (lots of spinning time). Next is World Cup starting on June 12th, should have lots of knitting time then.


  1. Yikes! That's somewhat chilly! Glad I'm not trying to garden at your house, Lynne. Glad you made it home safe.


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