Williams Lake Spinning day

is on Saturday May 3rd, looking forward to seeing friends I only run into the one day a year. Will overnight in Wms Lk Saturday, then pick up a few things at grocery store and head out here, hopefully home mid day. Always needing salad fixings, mixed organic greens are my favorites, along with peppers, tomatoes (if they look like they might be close to real), cilantro, and cucumbers. Will be Sunday nights supper. Might even cave and buy a cooked chicken from SaveOn, many meals then soup for another several days.

Warm enuff in here today that I had wool room windows open, first time since last September, but it ain't gonna last, supposed to be a sudden cool down, like highs Saturday in mid 30's F. Will take long sleeve flannel shirt to wear over tee just in case the guys at Environment Canada guessed right.


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