I’ve lost the war, flickers and sap suckers have won. Two days now that the pounding on metal chimney has got me up just about first light, this morning was just after 5 am. Seems as tho they know when and where I’ll be and then pound on the opposite side of the house, I scare them away only to have the shits move to the front or other side. If'n I had a BB gun might be tempted to use it.

Since I’m up so early today's plans include changing ink carts in printer and then running several things thru, provided printer and puter are still talking to each other. Am quite sure its cheaper to buy a new printer than ink carts. Have found tho that it is about 50 to 60% cheaper buying them at Office Something while in states, last batch got all the colours needed for less than just black cart in Staples. Since I was down long enuff for full duty free allowance should have bought two of everything and still would have been well under allowable limit. Even with groceries figured in only spent $200 and customs couldn’t have cared less, no bacci or booze greases the way thru.

Just did a quick survey of dyed fibre on hand and have decided that no more dyed fibre for the remainder of this year, the little bit I bought from Smith & Ewe while at Desert Mesa is it. Pretty sure I will safely make it until this time next year and not even come close to running out. Williams Lake spin in coming up on May 3rd and I will take the second 150 gram package of what Mary-anne calls sunrise but I think it reminds me more of beach sand. And since its all day may throw in another something just in case.

As soon as current socks are finished am going to go after Mary, Millie and Morgan dolls designed by Susan B Anderson, pattern calls for dk yarn from Quince but found at $7.20 a skein and with all the colours needed would be spending several hundred dollars just on the yarn, so will instead try smaller needles and give fingering yarn a try. Dolls are knit in one piece from the top down and then stuffed.


  1. I usually have flicker issues too - they like to use the chimney cap or satellite dish which is very loud. The knit dolls are very cute - can't wait to see yours.

  2. Flickers are a pain in the butt. A week or so ago I heard what I thought was drilling on the neighbour's cottage. When I went out to look a flicker flew away. I've had my eye on those dolls by Susan B. Anderson too, so I'll be interested to see how they turn out using fingering weight yarn. If you are looking for a relatively cheap alternative to the Quince yarn, Webs has a DK version of their Valley yarn.


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