Snowy day again

Woke up Sunday morning to 4-5 inches heavy wet snow, moisture for ground, by 3 pm almost all of it melted, then again yesterday morning ground just white with a good skiff, so what did I expect for today more snow nah not gonna happen, but guess what its been snowing again or should I say still, since just before noon. A good day for a pot of chicken with something soup (rice or noodles), have already added a soup bowl full of carrots and celery, will decide later for the other.
This was Sunday morning.

Finished the first Orangerino sock, second sock ribbing about halfway. Can't believe how much I use orange, seems to go with everything. Had hoped to have them both done before I leave for Desert Mesa, may still but will be cutting it close. Have Whidbey trip first and not much time there for knitting.

Also did another pair of baby booties, had the brown ones already done, garter stitch thru out. Not the ones from Yarn Harlot but the famous stay on booties just did them in garter stitch, and no seam did them on DP needles.


  1. Love those orange socks, Lynne.... nice to have such a bolt of colour in a loooooooong winter!


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