Orange is the new black

Main color is Hazel Knits sorta orange then lots of other oranges and reds, quite like the effect of all the various shades of oranges. Along with working on these socks also have on the go Bearly's, have done 8 so far and in between socks and gloves will continue working on them until hands get to sore to continue. Smaller needles and dk size handspun makes for tight increases and decreases. All the Bearly's will be needing scarves by and by.

Arctic outflow weather has moved over the hills to someplace else (for now), got 4 inches much needed snow last night and hope before March is finished to get a bit more. Weather forecast tho is for upper 40's F by the weekend so not likely its gonna happen. Will make for an interesting fire season in July & August.

I lifted the nail on forefinger left hand, once it quit bleeding it got extremely sore, lots of Polysporin and band aids later sorta under control, can even still knit by using middle finger to carry the yarn, where there is a will there is a way.


  1. Those socks are fantastic!! I love the oranges/reds combination. Too bad I can't send you some of our snow; we seem to have an excess here in southeastern Ontario. The Bearlys are wonderful, too. Are they your own design? I couldn't find a pattern on Ravelry. -- Ruth

    1. Bearly patt came from a 1988 issue of Spin Off.

  2. Orange is my favourite colour! So yummy. Ouch for your poor fingernail. The Bearlys need to kiss it better for you. I remember their pattern! I have that issue of Spin-Off too.

  3. I contacted Spin-Off one other time when you were knitting the Bearlys, but unfortunately the pattern was not available. And it is entirely possible that I had the issue at one time (the timing is right for my spinning class), but probably passed it on. Well, I will just enjoy seeing your Bearlys. Looking forward to their scarves.



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