Drove out yesterday in a mini blizzard, 20 miles to glorious downtown Tatla Lake for knitting bee, had I known it was going to be so bad would have found someplace to turn around and come home, with visibility so bad that might not have worked. Drive made even worse since I was first vehicle out and no tracks on road to follow, by keeping speed down to 50 (30 mph) did OK. Spring maybe next week.

Took Oranarino sock out to work on, down to toe decreases once thats done will go back and work on Regia wool & silk mix, maybe a couple of dozen rows on it then will start Oranarino #2.

Have seen Trumpeter swans flying north over valley now 3 different times and seen and heard Canadian geese, that usually means spring is about to drop but ain't holding my breath. And have read that a few grizzles are out & about in Bow Valley in Alberta, hoping our resident sow griz is back again this year, means of course ever aware when stepping out on back porch, ABC always be careful. And keeping car right close to back door. Remember one year trying to get car loaded to leave and griz over along fence right away eating alfalfa and clover, waited in the house for her to leave.


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