Made an unplanned spur of the moment trip to town on Friday, Williams Lake farmers market was on and I wanted some tomatoes. Could have gotten them cheaper had I felt like driving another 2.5 hours to Spences Bridge but whatever I would have saved would be eaten up with gas. So got 10 lb. real tomatoes and they are so good. Have had one every meal since getting home with my favorite way with just cottage cheese and a small amount of mayo. Also got local Soda Creek sweet corn, again some of the best I've had. Will again tonite have a large salad, and sweet corn, may not nutritionally be the best but it sure suits me this time of year. While in town also got prescription refilled, was down to just 6 of one of the b/p meds.

Thursday morning had a visiting buck, pretty impressive rack. Just wouldn't hold still long enuff to get the perfect pix.

Only have 2 fingers and thumb left to do on glove #3, not yet sure if I will go ahead and make a second one with the tight fingers, somebody somewhere will have skinny fingers and they will fit fine. or can give it along with the good pair to intended recipient as a spare in case she loses one. May end up flipping a quarter to decide. Then come the knee socks, have several ideas for different patterns, will just play with colors.


  1. I too have the gene for vine ripened tomatoes. It's like we are related. We grow our own in season and as the summer wanes I go through withdrawals. Mayo is like the icing but the tomato is the cake.
    Keep posting the pix of wildlife. I love them.
    The bro in VA


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