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Just finished my second cuppa, could easily have another but 2 is my limit and I stick to it. Not figuring I'll get much done today (except knitting) its football Sunday. Right now I have 3 socks under construction all in time out just now while I work on a bit of handspun stuff. If all goes well should finish by the end of today.

Soon real soon I have to attend to some plying otherwise I won't have any empty bobbins to take with down to OFFF. Plying is not my favorite part of the job and put it off until down to last empty bobbin. Want to take my woolee winder with to OFFF so will ply those bobbins first.

Last weeks knitting bee saw return of long time gone friend Judy R., got a good pix of the 4 ladies at KB. Thinking my iPad takes a better pix than my small point and shoot camera.

Today is supposed to be the last of the hot sunny days we have been having and it couldn't happen any quicker to suit me, tomorrows high in mid 60's with rain (hallelujah). Even tho daytime highs have been in upper 80's and even low 90's morning and overnight temps are low enuff to need the comforter pulled up. Have had morning frosts for last week or so, soon gonna be soup weather again.


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