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Friend Linda stopped yesterday with goodies from her garden, she brought green beans, spinach, plus real eggs, canned salmon and canned sweet cherries along with just dug potatoes and some jam. So tonight for supper I ate green beans, spinach salad, and some swiss chard (I already had on hand). Can't decide if'n green beans or spinach are my favorites. Will soon make a trip for tomatoes, then will celebrate with cottage cheese and maters for every meal.

Working on third glove still, should have had ribbing done but instead have been reading books on iPad, freebies from Amazon. Think I have only 4 or 5 rows of ribbing left to do and then into the wild & crazy colors for main part of hand. No more new book reading until 3rd glove is done.

Think 4 or 5 times this month Tatlako was the coldest spot in BC, 0° or -1° for late August can do a number on local gardens. Can already see a bit of color in trees and the dogbane is rapidly turning bright yellow. Even had heat come on th…

This & That

Finished first glove of pair for Gudie and it was a bust, did to much patterning in fingers and they are way to tight. I can get the glove on but it takes to much effort so I know that it won't fly. So glove #2 well underway, this time main part of glove just as wild & crazy but fingers are from either variegated yarn or solid colored, no pattern tweaks. Much more comfortable IMO. So have just two fingers left to do, forefinger and thumb, then will do #3 and see if that is going to be a pair. Not sure yet what I will do with #1, maybe to keep to remind me that its easy to screw up, and that I don't know as much about knitting gloves as I thought I did.

Discovered a quick way to lose 5 lb. eat the wrong foods and then get sick enuff that I was violently throwing up all day Friday. Once that was over with and being really cautious on Saturday (toast with a bit of honey on stayed down), think everything is back to normal. I know what I ate that was the guilty culprit so will …

Maela's socks

Liz in for visit today with Miss Maela to pick up the 3 pair of socks, managed to get 2 of the 3 pair on for a pix before she was done with that (as only a 2 yr old can do), also had a felt pair of slippers that will fit her this winter and mitts for her and a pair for big brother Nolund. While here Nolund pulled Toadflax the nasty weed, paid him $10 he seemed happy with that. Then Liz loaded all my stuff to go to the dump in the back of her pickup (Hallelujah), sent a bag of stuff to go to recycle for Nolund to make a bit more money on, OJ containers etc. Ever so glad to see the end of trash in my back room. Also sent a dinosaur movie home with Nolund. Thank you Liz & Nolund. Maela was happiest with a handful of corn chips.

Weather has finally moderated, low to mid 20's instead of 30°+, cool enuff at night to pull up comforter. Love it. Next hot spell expected as soon as kids go back to school.


Cool enuff this morning for wool socks, really felt good getting to wear socks again. And I LOVE the cooler weather, 5°C (41°F) at 6 this morning, wonderful. Maybe the hot dry weather is ready to move on.

Finally figured out how to ad pix to my Instagram page, took a while before I tumbled. And now can't even find it anywhere on the laptop, just avail on the IPad, weird.

Working on 2nd glove, just about finished the ribbing, 36 rows on 2.25 needles. Have started a list of things to buy when I get down to OFFF, mostly Hiya Hiya needles, 2.5 circulars 16 inch for me and 2 sets for Denise 2.25 16 inch circs to replace the Kollage I bought for her from Paradise, points on the 2.25 are wicked, used them for about 10 rows of ribbing and have a hole on finger from pushing stitches along. Guess they would be great for lace knitting. May try and find someplace to sell the 4 needles I have.


First bear sighting of 13' season yesterday, black bear running across my yard, way to fast to grab camera to get a pix. When it finally did stop was behind big Saskatoon bush eating berries. I know that they have been around by the scat they leave behind, but unless I actually see the critter it don't count.

Finished first glove of current wild & crazy pair, not sure if second will be the same or #1 of another set. Already had to remove top of ring finger and re knit a bit different. Will just muddle along until I get a pair that I am happy with.

A few clouds, keeping temps a tad bit cooler, instead of high 20's by noon today so far is just at 22°, much nicer. Even tho am still drinking lots of fluids, mostly bottled water, my house water (well) is not the best this time of year.

Thought I might be able to hang a load of towels on rack and put it out on back porch, but now wind has come up enuff that rack would soon fall, so under ceiling fan in living room. Even the …


Just looked over 7 pages of messages to me on my Ravelry site, first message was from grannygail September 29, 2007, don't even remember joining that far back. Lots of messages liking my Monstersocks and several from old friends from far away places with strange sounding names. 630 messages, over 400 replies, lots of friends added, and the rest just liking something I've knit.

Still to hot for my liking and its expected to be even hotter over the weekend, time to sit in front of the fan with my feet in a bucket of cool water. glad I have small projects on my to do list for the next little while. First glove of current pair to the middle finger, so far so good.

Still have enuff salad greens for several more big supper salads, tonight will have lots of romaine, mixed organic greens and spinach. The bonus of having a few real tomatoes has made the salads even more enjoyable.

Small plastic bag of stuff fell down behind puter desk, in and awkward place to reach so I just left it si…

Next gloves

Started on the gloves out of the yarn on last weeks blog, am now thinking I won't post a pix of this pair until I am satisfied with what I've done. So far so good, have 13 stitches on thumb gusset, will separate when I get to 21 stitches. Have so far managed to use all the colors (except the red) and will get it in soon. Nothing new in stitches used because there are just so many that can be utilized.

Another hot & dry day, 31° C was high for the day and I am about ready to go back to cold & wet weather. Had a large green stuff salad for supper, lots of cucumber, cilantro, tomato, spinach and mixed organic greens. Seems to be about all I can handle when its this hot. Sure looking forward to big pots of soup weather.

On my Monstersock list on Ravelry there is a gal (Square Jane) that was looking for test knitters for a pair of her patterned socks, I resisted until others started posting pix of what they have done, so asked of she would add my name to the list. Got patte…


Went into town early Thursday morning, a much needed haircut was #1 on my list, then banking, saw about chips in windshield, even got car washed, then mid afternoon went up to Denise' place, stayed overnight again. Friday morning hit the farmers market in Williams Lake got more swiss chard, kale, blueberries, sweet cherries, was hoping for baby beets with tops but nobody had any. Had swiss chard for supper last night along with a big spinach salad, swift green passage today. Swiss chard is without a doubt the best I've ever had. Even got a few real tomatoes a bit on greenish side but they will ripen in a couple of days.

Self pix, first one in the car with the longest my hair has been in years, 2nd now with shortest hair that I've ever had, much easier to deal with when showering, didn't even need to dry it, watched the news and it was dry in 10 minutes.

While still cool this morning got all the needed sock yarn (for Gudies wild & crazies) wound into balls, should g…