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While washing dishes had 8 eggs on stove hard boiling, so I could make egg salad to take to knitting bee tomorrow. 8 really fresh eggs that peeled jest fine (thank you Yvonne). Added a bit of roasted garlic and pepper seasoning mix and called it good. Knitting bee is getting smaller Shirley & Paul (preacher) have moved to Prince George to be closer to family so that just leaves Joyce, Christine, Elis when she is around and me (every other week). Sometimes Glenda shows up as well, we some where have to find others interested in coming.

Have only the thumb and forefinger to do on the 2nd glove, then working in all the ends and am done. Will in a bit get the yarn wound into balls for the stuff I'll be doing for Gudie. Have 8 skeins to wind so think I'll wheel a chair over to ball winder, crank up music and have at her.

Have been thinking about going to town this Thursday, if I don't get a haircut am going to hack off way to much in places myself, needless to say I don'…

Lil Socks

2 pair of baby socks from one ball of Regia Fast Koffe sock yarn, not to bad especially since the ball of yarn only cost $2 a hundred years ago. Even have enuff left to maybe make one more sock, but will instead just add it to stash bag for a color pattern somewhere down the road. These lil socks are going to D2's granddaughter in Alaska.

Almost noon and its not so bloody hot, last few days have been a bit above my limit, don't do so well with anything much above 85°F. And saving grace is the cooling off overnight, Wednesday and Thursday Tatlayoko was the coldest spot in BC (34° and 36°), makes for getting under comforter feel really good. I have been really pouring water in me while it was so hot, usually by now would have had a glass of OJ, and at least 2 or 3 bottles of water (my house water still hard to drink). I try really hard to only buy it when its on sale and always take empties back to town.

Have ribbing done on second glove, should get well into thumb increases th…

This & That

First of a couple of pair of baby socks is done, going to Alaska when all are finished. Will I think just use up the ball of Regia Fast Koffe yarn till done, letting colors land where they may, if'n I make 4 socks somewhere along the line they will look close enuff to be matching.

First glove to remind the fingers pair is done and have about 20 rows of ribbing done on number two. Good thing I did a practice pair as I find the fingers to be a bit tight, so will have to go to someone with a smaller hand than mine.

And then the yarns I will be using for Gudie's gloves and knee socks, the purple at the bottom of pix #1 and top of pix #2 will be the main color. Will email the pix to Gudie to make sure all the colors work for her. 2nd pix taken outside with natural light complete with my shoes showing up.

Finally getting some summer weather after the miserable wet & cold June, today is supposed to hit 29°C (84°F) and that is just about as warm as I like, anything above makes me…


Went into town last Thursday, then stayed overnight with fellow spinner-knitter Denise & hubnut, meant I could get to Williams Lakes farmers market Friday morning. Bought swiss chard, nugget potatoes, eggs, beet greens with small tiny beets attached and baby spinach. Last nights supper was swiss chard with a large spinach salad complete with mandarin orange pieces and lots of fresh blueberries. If I didn't need some protein every once in awhile could live on salads and veggies.

Its been awhile since I made a pair of gloves so started a pair while in town to refresh my fingers using 3 almost solid colors in random patterns. All in preparation for making Gudies wild & crazy pair. The main color is a Lorna's Laces other two are leftovers from other projects. Every time that I make gloves am so thankful for the 4 inch dp needles I found one year down at OFFF, makes knitting the fingers so much easier.

When my old blog was up and running I had somewhat over 140 followers no…


Finally finished these socks, blue is a Hazel Knits yarn (do love the stuff), colors are leftover bits of fast koffee sock yarn (Regia). Started these mid May and then several things got in the way, first I forgot sock #1 at Denise's on one of my town trips (used #1 as pattern for #2), then went to conference in Spokane, made Maela's socks, then flat out had trouble going back to #2. Trust me it happens.

Wednesday 3rd finally got a load to the dump, mozzies have been to bad to do much outside but W the wind was really blowing and that meant a dump run was OK, then carried onto Tatla for knitting bee, decided it was best if I only make the drive every other week, 20 miles each way proves tiresome every week. Not much else exciting in my life just now (the way I like it), unless one counts getting a load of flannel sheets washed and bed changed.

Still haven't seen a bear in my yard yet this season, guess that is OK but do like to get pix. I know that they have been around f…