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Mac salad

3 eggs hard boiled & chopped, 3 cups chopped celery, about 1 1/2 cups small pieces extra old Tillamook cheddar cheese, and small shell macaroni. Dressing is 1/4 each sour creme and mayo and 1/2 plain yogurt, lots of dill, small amount ranch dry dressing, pepper, and a bit of garlic salt. Now will let it season in fridge until supper time, then take out what I want for supper and get it straight back into fridge. As the next couple of days get really hot (for in here) the cold mac salad will hit the spot. If my Mother was around she would have been into it as soon as dressing was mixed into the stuff, was without a doubt her favorite meal. Next will be doing the dishes, seem to generate quite a bit while making the salad.

Thought about making a dump run but just while getting paper garbage in car the mozzies were terrible and up at the dump with standing water they would have been way worse. So paper stuff can sit in car until another little rain shower sends them into hiding.

Maela's socks

Socks for 2 yr old Maela in Kamloops area, told the Mom that I would do socks before winter, figured with all the cold & rainy weather to go ahead and get them done. Eliz said her foot measured 5 inches so went ahead and made them a bit bigger so they will fit for winter months.
Next may attempt a pr for the older brother.

According to Environment Canada's weather page supposed to be getting a few days of hotter weather with even 33°C (91° F) for Tuesday, will be a welcome relief, had furnace on for awhile this morning to take chill out of living areas.

Am sure enjoying my IPad, and so glad I bought the IPad for Dummies book, find something new every time I turn it on.


Made it to town, finally got rid of all recycling stuff, got to bank, paid property taxes, next will be lunch. Then the grocery store. Then heading west and home.

Gone 10 hours (six of that was driving). Down my driveway 5:30pm, put groceries away then fell asleep for 30 minutes. But got everything done, prescriptions refilled and small amount groceries, (spinach salad for supper). Really glad to be home.

Thunderman and Lightfoot

Told someone in an email this morning that hadn't had any rain for two days, lied causes its coming down again, it will keep temps from climbing as high as predicted that's for sure. But do the mozzies ever like all this wet stuff and high grass to hide it. If it doesn't rain to much am hoping to be able to get to town tomorrow, banking and paying property taxes plus can always use more produce, down to a small amount of iceberg lettuce and one tomato. Want more blueberries and mandarin oranges if I can still get them.

Working on kidlet socks pair #5, 2 pr sent to NY and last 3 pr will go to HRH in Kamloops area. Pix when I finish current pair.

Discovered ICloud yesterday, if I buy something in ITunes store on my laptop it shows up on IPad, neat.

Weeds I call grass were cut while I was at NwRSA conference earlier this month, can't hardly tell that anything was done and in places that hadn't been cut weeds are waist high.


After fooling around with trying to WiFi my house have finally succeeded. Think I just held my mouth right this time. Just know that I am happy. Wowsers new light in bathroom and now WiFi easily pleased I am.

Finished another pair of kidlet socks this morning, this is pr # 3. Good way to use up small balls of leftovers. Will I think make a couple more before starting on Gudie's gloves. Pix of latest pr on my Facebook page. If'n I could figure out how to add it here would do so. For now the IPad is in learning how to use it mode. Aha drag the pix from Facebook to desktop then add to blog. Mac's are amazing.

Rain & more rain

Have been home for a week and have had rain every day (sometimes heavy), thinking about a small ark (for me and my woolies). Not really a serious complain would much rather have the rain than fires in the area.

The yarn I bought at Paradise Fibers on my way to Spokane.

First pix is the magenta purple I bought from Hazel Knits, loverly stuff, 2nd is the Cascade Heritage sock yarn (replacing ones I used up), 3rd more heritage sock yarn but with silk added. Magenta purple will I think be the main - base color for Gudies knee socks. While at Paradise I also got a couple of 16 inch square needles (Kollage), thought it might take some getting used to but not so, fingers and yarn = knit.

Finally bought my much anticipated IPad, bought in Canada so I wouldn't have to worry about being over allowable limit on return from the states. Love it and wish I had my house WiFi-ed so could use it all the time while here.

34° at just after 6 am, between coldish weather and rain even have been runn…

On the road again

Leaving this morning for Williams Lake then tomorrow west and home. Planning on picking up produce tomorrow and a few other errands in 'the Willie' then into the still cool high country.

Diane's socks fit (sorta) she thought they might be a tad big but I think a trip thru the dryer will do the trick.

Quiet spinning wheels at NwRSA conference and two of the key note speakers felted buddies. Conf this year was a bit smaller than usual, good thing as our spinning room was a bit on the smallish side. Lots of good vendors but missed Alice from Reflection Farms. Only bought 8 oz of black alpaca to card with some softer black wool at home.

The fallen bridge detour turned out to be a piece of cake, altho at peak driving it might have been a bit more interesting. we took the western side detour thru the farming area then into Mt. Vernon and back to I-5, think it didn't add much more than 5-10 minutes to trip. And of course all the rhodo's were in bloom, easy on the eyes.

Back in BC

Arrived Gail's in Cloverdale around 4 ish, will rest and recuperate tomorrow then head home Wednesday. Have pix to load but will wait until I get home to do so. Uneventful trip home no rain all the way from Eburg, stopped and bought a new router for my internet service, haven't had a new one since I started with Lincsat.