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Wet coast

Good driving all the way down to Hope where I connected to Hiway #1 going west, skies opened and it poured rain. Driving in the rain at hiway speeds is not my idea of fun, especially on #1 where the limit is 100 kliks and everyone drives 120 or more. Finally made it to Gail's late afternoon, verra glad to be in and out of the traffic. Will head out in a bit to get a much needed haircut, visit my bank, then into Costco for a few things. We are planning on leaving 7:30 ish tomorrow for the border then south on I 5, have printed out detour directions (Skagit River bridge collapsed), then to I 90 and east over the mountains. In Ellensburg for overnight then onto Spokane Thursday and NwRSA spinning conference. Missed conf last year because of stupid gall bladder stuff, so really looking forward to see lots of ole friends.

Getting ready

Have clothes all ready to sort and out into suitcase, socks all clean, made the dump run, biggest chore is loading the car, already have spinning wheel in, that is one of the heaviest things.

Finished socks for D2 and made a small kidlet size to see how colors & patterns working, made them about 2 year size, CP in NY wanted a pair for her 18 month old granddaughter so emailed the pix to her. By the time winter rolls around they should fit perfectly.

Have enuff leftovers in fridge for supper tonight, don't want to leave anything that might go bad in fridge.

This & That

Laundry all caught up, a smallish load of socks washed and drying under ceiling fan on my famous wooden folding rack, sorta getting ready for upcoming NwRSA trip over to Spokane. Conference starts Thursday the 30th, Gail & I are going to spend Wednesday night in Eburg with friend Diane then mosey into Spokane Thursday morning with a stop at Paradise Fibers in Spokane (geez its almost right on the way, maybe only a mile out of the way). I do need a few colors of Cascade Heritage sock yarn.

Finished the socks for Diane, hope she likes them.

Closest neighbors turned cattle out yesterday, kids on motor cycles, lots of horseback riders, with the patriarch on his trusty quad, the cows even with that many people still all came down my driveway (Twice). Chaos and extremely noisy. But sanity finally prevailed and they got them headed south and towards the summer range. Whew.

Out to Tatla yesterday for the knitting bee and a stop at library to return overdue books, plus used their fast WiF…


Headed for downtown Tatla Lake yesterday 9 ish, first to vote at Tatla Lake school, took all of 2 minutes, then to the clinic to get the stitches removed, that took maybe 5 minutes, then headed over to library (it was closed) sat in car outside and used the WiFi available to download several books I had bought from Amazon. Stockpiling things to read for the times this winter I won't be able to get out to library. Knitting bee today in TL but think I'll skip it, two trips to TL in two days is more than I feel up to.

So instead will work on second sock for D2. About half way down the leg of sock #2. Making subtle changes on second sock, D wanted them not as wild as I usually do.
Will I think have enuff of the purple yarn to make a couple of pair for a friends kidlet. Lotsa purps and pinks.

Frost yesterday morning, hoping it didn't do in the Saskatoon bushes that are just starting to flower. Tatlako was within a half a degree of being the coldest spot in BC yesterday. Typica…

Spinning leftovers

I took in a big bag of leftover bumps (dyed wool & mohair) to sell at The Williams Lake spin in, laid them out on the floor (no available tables) and was lucky enuff to get rid of most pretty darned quick. BUT I hadn't brought anything with me to spin so before they were all gone grabbed 4 to make funky bugly yarn. Took off pieces about 18 inches from each color then spun in the same order.

So far I like how the results are turning out. Will spin a second bobbin of the same mix then ply the two together, with each color (hopefully) over the same with just a bit of mixing at beginning and end of each. With the 4 colors all wool & mohair it will make really strong yarn for boot socks, or even nice stuff for slipper felting yarn.

This is the start of socks for D2 in Eburg, WA, since I took this pix have heel done and turned. Will have colors and patterns all the way to the toe. Will bring several other pair for her to choose from in case these don't strike her fancy.


Williams Lake Spin In

Went into town Friday morning for DR appointment at 1:30 (he dug out a funny looking mole on upper left arm), then Saturday was the Spin In lots of good company and the guild ladies put on a super lunch. I took lots of pix and if I posted them someone would prolly knee cap me, not the most flattering of several ladies. Terry from Kamloops introduced herself to me wearing a pair of my socks that she bought from Mary-anne seems the ankle part of socks was to tight for MA, Terry was delighted with her purchase.

Didn't buy anything at Spin In, took a bunch of dyed bumps of roving and sold all but the two that I gave to Denise and Wendy for helping me haul my stuff into bldg. Saw several things that might be interesting down the road, after I get some of what I have on hand used up.

Also while in town I finished the 4th sock in the mess I started trying to make a pair for CP in NY, did first sock on 2.5 mm needles then started second sock way to late at night on 2.25 mm needles, was qu…