29 April and snow

Woke up this morning to the ground white with a pretty good skiff of new snow. Ewww just a tad bit late in season me thinks.

Have single sock done in Monstersock style and am seriously considering either frogging it or giving it away to someone that wants to hang on the wall. Uninspired to make a sock that comes close to matching. Meanwhile back at the farm the second sock using Hazel Knits yarn as main color is moving right along. Do believe that HK will become my new favorite yarn especially as the main color in Monstersocks. Ordered two skeins of purple from HK for upcoming knee socks.

The macaroni salad was perfect and just in time, had drop in company (they stayed for lunch), friends had brought fixin's for sandwiches, homemade w/w bread and several kinds of deli meats, so mac salad went nicely with the sandwiches.


  1. Oh, don't frog it - it's nice, knit that second sock and I'm sure someone will want them.

  2. I would love to own a sock knit by you! Even just ONE sock! I've just discovered and joined the Monster Sock forum on ravelry, and I'm so inspired with all the awesome socks you peeps knit that I want to make a pair (or three) of my own. It would be nice to see one of them in person... if you want to part with this one, I'd be happy to give it a home. But, I do agree with Cindie, someone will love it as we do.


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