Humble Pie

Finished the second sock of latest pair of Monstersocks Monday night (NOTE TO SELF DO NOT REPEAT DO NOT START ANYTHING AFTER 10 pm). Grabbed 2 16 " circs and cast on straight away for sock #2. All went well and finished pretty quick, then put it on a sock blocker to get pix and thought it looked a bit smallish, counted stitches and rows that was normal then checked the needles, bingo had picked up 2 2.25 mm instead of the usual 2.5 mm. Amazing what just a small difference in needle size will make. Well it really did. Sock on the left is knit on 2.25 needles and the one on the right with 2.5, same number of rows and stitches.

So now have sock #3 on 2.5 needles and its moving right along, then will make another smaller sock on the 2.25's. Dumb on my part.

Had a bit of rain Tuesday night and then temps the next two days into low 50's, 90% of the snow in my yard is gone, even the ice on the driveway. Am I happy you betcha. Have even seen Trumpeter swans flying over the valley a sure sign spring is coming.

Finally finished the gloves for Marie S., started them last Dec and worked on them until glove #2 was almost to the fingers then got a bit of under the weather crud over holidays and a couple of nosebleeds, one that really hit glove #1 hard, so threw it away and sorta put #2 aside. Marie told me she would be at Desert Mesa in early April so went ahead and finished #2 and did another for the pair. They are for her husband to wear under his winter mitts.

Rudy was here on Monday and brought new hoses to attach to washing machine and wonder of wonders that is all it took for the POS Sears machine to begin working. Water flow must have been restricted in the old hoses. Now super glad I didn't buy a new machine last time I was in town. Have done 6 loads of laundry so far, and would have done even more but my folding wooden rack (dryer) can hold just so much.


  1. Love the gloves. Glad the washer is back. They aren't overrated.
    Bro in VA

  2. I also loved the gloves. Sure is nice when appliances are restored to working order. I don't know that I would have had the patience to knit two more socks.

  3. Ha! I laughed at your sock knitting mistake. While I was sitting next to Alexandra in the emergency room waiting area Thursday I was knitting away on a sock. I turned to her and said I thought I could knit socks in my sleep. Then I paused and added that didn't mean I still don't manage to make the most basic errors every once in awhile.

    I love your new header. It gives me hope that better weather and spring green is just around the corner.

  4. Who would have thought doing so much washing and drying could bring so much joy!!!
    Roll on Spring..... it cant be long!!

  5. Roll on spring! I like the blueish socks. Take care of yourself - nosebleeds are sometimes a symptom of something else, such as iron deficiency. I heard that citrus bioflavonoids strengthen capillaries. (I am not a doctor or any kind of medical person.)

  6. Glad to know I am not the only one to knit 3 socks to get 2 matching!


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