Town trip

Did the quick & dirty trip to town yesterday, (3 hours each way), main reason was prescription refills, and restocking the produce larder, absolutely amazing how much stuff disappears in a bit over 3 weeks, have again broccoli, cabbage, celery, carrots, mixed salad greens, squash etc. Sure looks like we picked a good day to go in, freezing rain in the forecast for later today, climbing up Sheep Creek Hill on slick roads is not my idea of fun.

Saw 12 deer on the way in just as daylight was breaking and only 6 on way home at dusk, most uncomfortable part was a guy on horseback driving cows along the main road well after dusk, he and cows barely showed up. But made it home safely, then let L take car home with her to unload her groceries.

After putting groceries away, had my shower then watched MNF while all snug in a long sleeved flannel nightgown, took a look at my current sock knitting and decided it just wasn't going to happen, prolly close to 45 rows on 72 stitches. Main color was the dark teal then added a few stripes of other stuff, just didn't fly right. So pulled it out. Felt better right away. So will instead start the light gray BFL-Silk mix, no color just plain.


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