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I have heat

Rudy was here late Friday afternoon to finish some of the small jobs he didn't get done when finishing up the new porch. 2 sheet metal screws in bathroom pipe from propane heater, will keep the two pieces tight and unable to leak fine ash, a hardening foam under kitchen sink pipe (to keep mices from climbing up), looked at kitchen water filter (to old needs to be replaced) and looked at house furnace, turns out it just needed to have pilot light restarted, had I known that prolly could have done it a month or so ago.

Just put a small thawed turkey breast in the oven, will be many meals followed last with turkey noodle soup or a stew w/ dumplings. Of all the things I've ever cooked the soup or stews are my favorites.

Next socks are real Monstersocks, lots and lots of little balls of bits to good to give away, will likely go into my sock drawer. I deal with ends as I go along, never leaving more than 6 or so to be finished off.

Socks & Yarn

Finished another pair of conservative wild & crazy socks, main color is a darkish teal and then used up more odds & sods (have long wondered if they are breeding, no matter how many I use the bag never gets smaller). Posted pix on Facebook and even had 'the' Lucy Neatby make a comment. Wowsers. She thought that they were her colors.

After reading the news and email I got to the spinning wheel just after 7 am, got in my 45 minutes with the turquoise-y merino-nylon mix, may even finish the first bobbin yet today. Then skeined from electric plying wheel some NZ Merino, 486 yards of sock weight 2 ply. Pix of roving and then the yarn.

Next will be to ply two bobbins of more merino freeing up the 2 Woolee Winder bobbins, they are what I am using for the turq, color is kind on a bright yellow-ish gold.

I hear the bugle

The cavalry is on the way, Rudy called to say that he will be returning this week to finish up a few small jobs, will look at the house propane furnace and repair (hopefully) a small leak in bathroom wash basin. Not likely it will be in time for the arctic blast that is due tomorrow night, lows predicted to be -16°C or 3° F, means the long handles will be worn along with lots of woolies in other places.

Meanwhile I am into my winter schedule, read and answer email (set the timer for 45 minutes) then attend to the spinning wheel for at least 45. Spinning a merino-nylon mix I got at Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, got about 34 oz of an Emerald City, turq with small amounts of of blue and darker green mixed in. Spinning it fairly fine with plans to 3 ply it for the February Ladies sweater sometime this winter.

Merino-Nylon mix from Mary-anne Smith

Feb Ladies Sweater

Last pix is the leftover socks from this year, not quite sure what I will do with them but something always comes along. Worst …

And so it starts

At first light I could see that the ground was white, 25°F and still a very light snow falling, so verra glad I changed to snow tires before leaving 'the willie' last Monday. With lots of college football on the telly will be a good day to start a big pot of chicken w/ rice soup. My knitting at hand. Perfect fall weather.

2nd sock of latest pair about 1/4 down the leg, calling this batch conservative wild & crazies, with at least 3 games that I want to see will get in lots of knitting, may even get down to heel area.

And now if I could find someone to come look at house furnace, one of the real hardships living where I do, guys that can do this are in high demand and hard to get to come look at it. Meanwhile have rolled the small infra red heater in there and between it and base board heaters and my woolies am mostly comfortable.

Desert Mesa Fall 2012

Left Cache Creek after lunch on Sunday stayed overnight in 'the willie', met L in SaveOn parking lot Monday after getting snow tires on the car. Picked up a few groceries and headed west, home just after 1, L unloaded car and then took the car home with her stuff.

DM was as usual a really good time and for a change I didn't have to have a mid day nap and miss anything. Bartered away an old oak skein winder that fit a Louet S 70 wheel and got dyed super wash merino-nylon in return, good trade. Only other thing I bought was 2 8 oz bags of dyed black Corriedale, one for me and one for Deni in 'the willie'. Isabel bought me a small silver sheep charm, cute as it could be. Next year (fall) will be the 10th anniversary of DM and will be a 3 day weekend, the whole weekend sold out in just a few minutes. Unless there are cancellations will be pretty much the same crowd.

The spinning room early in the morning

Bill H having a mid afternoon snooze, lots of other pix taken of…

Early morning

Coyotes talking around 5 am, with my bedroom window still open it sounded like they were right close. With quite a bit of stuff to do decided to get up and get at it. Laundry will be first on the list, getting clothes ready for upcoming Desert Mesa trip. Then once football games come on the telly (10 am) will continue working on the second glove. Have yarn ready for next pair of socks, will use a dark teal with lots of small balls of Opal, not quite the ones that make patterns just tweedy bits, will prolly do a diamond pattern inside the tweedy stuff with a solid color or so I am now thinking.

Wanted to do up a turkey breast for Thanksgiving (Monday) but decided against, not able to get it finished before I leave on Thursday and don't especially like leaving it in the fridge for the time I'll be away. So will plan on it for when I'm back. Mostly for the turkey noodle soup I'll do at the end.

Time to get out my long sleeve mock t necks, every morning all last week temps…

Another pair of wild & crazies

Finished these in the middle of last nights boring football game (G Men playing the Eagles), wasn't interested enuff to say I enjoyed the game but glad the Eagles won the game. But got in lot of knitting. Another pair of socks cast on right away, but won't be making next pair quite so wild & crazy.

Mild weather this morning with strong south wind, leaves coming off poplar trees before they have even changed color. And sky to the north is getting darker by the minute, maybe more rain. Weather by Wednesday is supposed to be a good bit cooler with temps well down in teens (F). With winter fast approaching and my flannel sheets getting thin went ahead and ordered two new bottom sheets from Lands End, with the free shipping and 30% off made for a pretty sweet deal, and definitely needed.

Loaded several free books onto the Kindle Fire while I had WiFi access, check the free site every third or so day, nothing really exciting but nice to know they will be available when roads ar…