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Home from road trip

Down my driveway yesterday just after noon, and right behind L who was coming to pick up all the goodies I had brought her from states and Costco. Lucked out and found veggie market in Spences Bridge still open and with an abundance of real tomatoes, bought 23 lb for L and 26 lb for me, ripe on top of box and ripening underneath, shall be eating t-matters well into October and nothing could suit me better. So with 8 loaves squirrely bread, tomatoes, cheese and many more heavy things I let her take my car up to her place to unload, she is wheel less, still biking.

Stopped into Bed, Bath and Beyond on the way home, my first visit, oh my goodness. I will go back someday when I have half a day to look around. Went in for a refillable filter basket for a friends Keurig coffee maker. Now that we can bring back duty free $800 after being gone more than 48 hours sure was tempting to try and use it up, but not to be, with groceries I was just under $250. Next time. Next trip to US won't be…


Oregon Flock & Fiber Fair is over for this year, weather this year was perfect. Last two years have had major rain on Sunday pretty well closing everything down, us included. Had supper Sat night at Thai restaurant right in Canby, outstanding as usual, 4 of us went and all agreed to do it again next year. The table behind us one of the family had this pineapple full of goodies, so impressive I got a pix.

Then a pix of Gail and a gal teaching a newby how to use her drop spindle.

All in all a very good weekend. I only bought one thing not on my list, and couldn't find any 16 inch Hiya Hiya needles in the sizes I wanted, may have to look online. Will head north tomorrow morning, both pretty tired to make drive tonight.

Road trip

Seriously. Have just started getting stuff ready for upcoming (tomorrows) road trip, will slowly drift south and arrive at Gail's on Wednesday (lotsa driving), then we will head south after prolly waiting as much as 2 hours to cross the border, arriving Canby, OR late afternoon on Friday. OFFF gets underway Saturday morning, hope to be there early enuff to get close by handicapped parking.

Latest wild & crazy sock, more reds, purples and lime green in the foot. Getting very difficult to find real purple sock yarn, this will be one of my main look fors while at OFFF.

Also will check in first thing at Carolina Homespun for 16 inch circular needles in the Hiay Hiya brand, so far they are my favorite of anything I've ever used. Used to like the Addi turbos, but the way to stiff cable has really turned my off them.


Working on the afterthought heel on sock #2 of the orangies, should finish it yet this morning. Now I like orange, really like it but after doing a whole sock in mostly oranges can now say I've had enuff for awhile. Will today get more of the Cascade Heritage sock yarn wound into balls and ready to start on next pair of wild & crazies.

21° F at my house this morning, had to cave and turn furnace on in wool room, even with the boiled wool jacket, socks and fingerless gloves on wasn't quite enuff. Love reading about some places that won't turn furnace on until the first of November, heck I'd freeze if I waited that long. But trust me when I say I much prefer this weather than the 90 + of July & August.

Monday night double header football games last night were duds. Much as I like football I couldn't be bothered finishing either game, instead watched news.


Have had a ball of Opal orange in my stash for quite some time and just lately its been bothering me, finally decided to do socks (but of course). Don't exactly know who might like this much orange but maybe someday the right person will just squeal when they see it. 2nd sock in the middle of the top ribbing, with football on for most of Saturday and Sunday should get pretty far down the leg. Went to town on Thursday and stayed over, picked up groceries Friday morning and headed west. Denise gave me some fresh Rosemary from her garden, brought it home in a small open plastic bag in my knitting, oh my goodness does it ever smell good. So for supper last night cut 2 smallish tomatoes, drizzled a verra small amt of olive oil and sprinkled the fresh crumbled Rosemary on top, think I could eat this every meal until the tomatoes are gone.

Socks & Frost

Frosty morning, temp was right on 30° when I got up at just after 6 am, kind of felt good to get back into a wool sweater and socks, am way to tight to start up propane heaters (propane is way expensive in here) so the woolies work well.

Finished the 17 colored wild & crazies last night. Had asked on Facebook if I should make the second sock the same as first, 13-3 were in favor of reversing the colors, so that is what I did.
Sock on the left is the reversed one.

Answered a couple of emails from peoples wanting to buy my socks, told everyone that at this time I will opt out of selling socks long distance, people I know and friends will be enuff for now. Having been burned a couple of times, decided that selling LD just wasn't where I wanted to be.

Will start another pair yet today, many football games on (college games starting today). With very much anticipated Michigan vs Alabama at 5 pm. Even made enuff last night for supper that I would have leftovers for tonight. Michigan…