More BORING socks

Started this pair June 19 and finished last night, ends are all taken care of, now just need to get them washed and on the blockers to dry. Still waiting for the last yarn to come before I start on Toni's socks, meanwhile using more odds for another pair of the 5 row scrappers. This pair will have all the browns I can find.

Critter count for today, 2 deer just before 7 am, then a smallish black bear around 8:30, then some sort of weasel running fast maybe a fisher. And that was all before 10 am. If I did nothing but sit in wool room all day am sure I would see even more. Big windows on 3 sides means anything wandering about usually comes into view sooner or later.

37° F at 6:30 this morning, house had gotten quite cool, so much so that I turned electric heat on until sun came in over east mountains. Upper 70's in forecast for mid to late this week.


  1. I'm always amazed at your color combinations.

  2. I love the colors.
    Also, as to last post......I would love to live where you do. There is an adjustment, but I would choose calm and peaceful any day. My life is good, and fairly peaceful. No big city here, we live on the edge of a 30,000 acre game reserve. Of course, there are still people on the other side, lol. I could do without the rattlesnakes, tho.

  3. Your sox are definitely NOT boring!!


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