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Soup redo

Yesterdays soup making was interrupted by a 4 hour power outage, so stuck barely simmered soup bone in fridge and when I got it out this morning was more fat on top than I was happy with leaving. So skimmed 99% off and then what to do with it, not planning on a dump run till Wednesday at the earliest. Meanwhile a couple of big crows were in the yard looking for bugs (can one hope they eat ticks), so took fat out and with a large spatula flipped it into the yard, it barely landed before they were there packing it away. I went out to check an hour later and even knowing where it had been couldn't see any sign. Won't be able to do this once the bears are out and about, smell might make them curious and that would be to close to the house.

Have another bobbin of the BFL/Silk mix done, will put it aside while I try for spinning some Merino into a fingering weight 2 ply, still want to give the gloves another shot. This is a green mix from Cindie at eweniquelyewe in Grants Pass, OR. …

Humble Pie

Wanted to make a pair of gloves using my handspun BFL/Silk mix, having made enuff gloves in the past figured it would be easy to compensate for the slightly heavier handspun. NOT. Now instead of knitting merrily along am instead eating humble pie, wasn't working. Did 25 rows of 2x2 ribbing that looked and felt OK but then once I started increases for thumb gusset knew that to the RIP file they were headed. After only 2 increases (4 stitches) it looked like it would have fit the jolly green giant. So back to square one. Pix of the handspun ball all pulled out and re wound. Will instead of using the light gray BFL/Silk mix will plan on spinning some merino-nylon mix fine enuff to be used for gloves. So now back to knitting on second sock, so far have been able to keep the black patterns steady thru out, colors are changing as I run out of the small balls of leftovers. Ham bone in water simmering and will soon start the split peas, then once they are cooked soft will put small am…

More socks

Using black Opal and more of the leftover Regia FastKoffe bits, will try and keep the black patterns constant thru out the 2nd sock but because of using scraps the colors will bounce around, and that's OK real Monstersocks. Hasn't been much going on worth writing about, still trying to bring old blog back, although am now fearing that it is kind of like beating my head up against the brick wall. Woke up to heavy snow Saturday morning, enuff that ground was white and big trees on hillside where loaded with wet snow, by about noon turned to a nice gentle rain and in just an hour or two snow was gone. Now all snow from my yard is gone, first time since mid October that I can say that. Betting tho that we will get more snow before this winter quits. Going to Tatla later today to see if I can't get Kindle Fire to talk to my downloaded books. Have a friend there that will help with the problem, may even turn her loose on blog problem.

Home from Desert Mesa

Picked up groceries for me and L yesterday morning then started out for home just before 11 am, one nap at the top of the lookout at Lee's Hill and one stop for something to eat from groceries haul. Home just before 3, called L to let her know I was here, turns out she had to walk all the way, her van died (again), so let her take my Subie and her groceries home, she will come back tomorrow and then we will head to Tatla for Knitting Bee. Still trying to restore my old blog, talking to a lawyer did get another response from Flickr saying then didn't do it, so now working thru Blogspot to see if they can help. Please keep fingers crossed that this might work. Spent the weekend at Desert Mesa spring spinning, lots of laffs, much shopping by a few (you know who you are), good food and almost 2 full bobbins of the BFL-Silk mix. Show and tell was outstanding pix of GH describing how she up cycled a mans sweater into legging for her, I caught her at a perfectly funny minute, and p…

Getting ready

As soon as I finish my 2nd cup of coffee will start getting stuff packed and then to the car, clothes, socks are all clean (and dry) and since I'll only be gone for 4 days a very small carry on tote thing is all I'll need. Have spinning wheel already in the car and the BFL-Silk mix I bought at Whidbey for spinning, so won't be much to haul out. Goodies for Gudie will be a bigger bag than what I am taking. Lots of leftovers, bits of this & that that she up cycles. Am taking a bag of unknown wide roving that I am not fond of and will put a 'make me an offer' price on same. Went to Knitting Bee in Tatla yesterday, L rode out with me and we stopped at the dump on the way, got rid of lots of stuff, flyers that come with the newspaper, empty water bottle packaging (bottles I take back to town) and just general trash. I used to be able to burn all paper garbage but the burning ban is already in place. Another couple of days and my yard should be snow free, really…

Pix again

Brown monstersocks. Wasn't happy at first with the colors I had chosen but now admit socks grew on me as I got down to foot of first sock. If by the time I get to the heel and I really don't like the mix have been known to frog the whole shooting match.

My mountains on a clear sunny day about 30 miles east of Tatla Lake. Click-edy on pix and it will be a bit bigger

Still hoping FlickrZeros can resolve my old blog issues, will sure be unhappy to lose all the years and pix.

Flickr troubles

Having had major Flickr issues for the almost last month, started a new blog. Flickr can't or WON'T ADDRESS THE ISSUE. I admit I did look at the badge "What is This" but no way did I try and add it to my blog, so now will talk to a lawyer friend to see if any action can be taken against Flickr.

Back on Friday from trip down to Whidbey Islands spinning weekend and as usual had a really good time. Gail & I left her place after work on Friday and waited almost 90 minutes at the border, then down to Whidbey in time to check in at the motel grab a bite to eat and crash. This is the first year that I didn't take any pix, none.

Next trip out will be down to Cache Creek next weekend for Desert Mesa and my BC family.