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TdF and town

Went into town Sunday morning for an appointment with allergist at hospital for 1 pm, scratch test on arm showed that I am allergic to dust, mold and grass, none of which I eat or play around with. Food stuff that I thought might be the culprit for my allergies wasn't even tested for, so IMO a completely wasted trip except for finding a 510 gram container of blueberries for $1.99 bought two. Had yogurt and bb for supper last night. Got home 3 ish, unloaded perishables from car and by that time was hot & sweaty, even thought about a quick sit down in the river but fresh bear poop on driveway soon changed my mind. Sat down in recliner just after 5 and next thing I knew it was just after 8, so got my shower and was in for the night by 8:30, slept right thru until 6 am. All the driving in the heat and then 5 + trips from the car with groceries must have done me in.

I came really close to meeting my TdF goals, if I hadn't gone to town would have finished the last of the wild br…

Knitting and Spinning

third pair of socks for Miss M, made them the same size as one of the pair she tried on while here, a bit of grow room at the toe. She promised me that she would only wear them to school on cold days this winter. Plans are to make one more pair out of somesort of handspun for colder days. Have some soft light gray that with pink & purple patterns would suit her just fine.

The BFL-Tussah silk came out just OK, am not very good at plying on a regular spinning wheel, much prefer my homemade electric wheel (just used for plying).

Today I am plying a so so white with a bobbin of also so so light gray, the white is vintage stuff from 1994 and certainly not next to skin type, same with the light gray but over a thin pair of cotton socks will make incredible socks for outdoor activities.

Next on the Tour de Fleece spinning is another that I am hoping for one of my uglier sock yarns, just perfect for winter socks for me. Its very difficult to predict what yarn will look like once plied.


This and That

Having had more company in last few days than I usually get in a couple of months put me behind on my TdF spinning projects, while I was glad to have friends stop in and visit.

First last Saturday Len & Denise here most of the day, Len cutting lots of hay type grasses in various place, then Dee and her 87 yr (almost blind) Mom came to rake cut stuff in piles to haul home on her trailer for horses, Dee thought there might be equivalent of 4 or 5 bales about 200+ lbs.

Then yesterday Liz her friend Judy, Nolan (to pull toad flax weeds) and Maela were here, Nolan got in 2 hours before he ran out of power, maybe pulled 20% or so. But did get pix of Maela with her back to school socks and Nolan seemed happy with the heavier weight ones I did for him, no pix tho after pulling weeds for 2 hours his feet were not very clean for trying on the sox.

On Saturday I did get some merino-silk plied, bought it at Fiber Fusion last fall, plying the old fashioned way worked out better than I though…

Busy Saturday

Len and Denise showed up first thing to load the old tractor stored in my wood shed for the last 20 years, in pretty tuff shape, rotten rear tire and steering column leaking. But he got it at a pretty good price and thinks its worth rebuilding. They also brought my old brush cutter on the trailer and first thing unloaded it and Len cut weeds in front of the house and made a dozen or so trips around knocking down the almost 3 foot high weeds. Will greatly help with skeeter problems. Denise brought the weed whacker and cut down stuff close to house that big machine couldn't get to, all in all it certainly looks better and fire hazard greatly reduced. After lunch Len started in to load the tractor onto the trailer, finally ended up using a come-along to pull it up the ramps and onto trailer. Then pix of tractor going up driveway.

While all the outdoor activity was underway I finished spinning the first bundle of 5.2 oz of DiCentra roving that I bought sometime ago at BSG. And then w…

Noises in yard

Up just before 5 am hearing noises in yard, got right up to look out to see what I could see, looks like a young crow or raven demanding to be fed, maybe they are trying to wean it but from the sounds of the bird it wasn't having anything to do with that.

So got my morning cuppa and hit spinning wheel, wasn't at all happy with what I was spinning, a brownish-cream color, BFL of course, didn't like it that early in the morning so thought about it for awhile then gathered up a Louet S 70 and wound off what I had spun onto it. Feel much better with color, DiCentra turquoise, blues, greens and purples. Also BFL, and I know right now that it will be going into upcoming sweater. So my TdF spinning is moving right along, maybe with any luck the belts for my electric wheel will be here Friday, then will go right into plying mode.

Went out yesterday for blood letting then to knitting bee, and library on the way home. Was just about out of books and can't let that happen. Also…

Soup weather again

Just put leftover frozen chicken carcass in soup pot along with a smallish frozen half chicken breast. Once its boiled for awhile will add carrots, celery and a bit of onion. On this cold rainy day soup sounded verra comforting, its 11°C (51° F) and spitting rain, even had the electric heat on this morning.

Tour de Fleece got started with the bike racers Saturday morning and so far finished most of a bobbin of the very light gray BFL-Silk and then the first bundle of the very colourful roving (also BFL-Silk from West Coast Carding). Broke roving into about 2 feet pieces then separated each into maybe 8 more, wanting lots of barber poling once I start plying, aiming for bugly yarn. First 120 grams is finished and have started on 2nd bundle, with slightly different colours, very few places should colours over lap when plying. Plans are to maybe add some of it to the stash for upcoming sleeve to sleeve sweater and socks for me for the rest of what we call summer in the mountains of BC. …


Left here on 21st June to slowly drift south then east, got as far as Spokane, WA, then after various errands and visiting friends in Ellensburg headed back west on Sunday 26th, made it as far as Bellingham, WA before running out of power, knew I’d never be able to do the 2 hours up to BC so got motel. Had a couple of cartons yogurt (4 oz) each from motel kitchen a shower and was in bed right after 8pm. To much driving for this ole lady (temps in 90’s F didn’t help either). Got home yesterday with a load of groceries mostly produce. Had a big kitchen sink salad for supper last, again in bed after my shower just after 9 pm this time.

INR blood tests all over the map again, will have to go out Tuesday to have it checked again, and blood pressure is to low, will likely be told to cut B/P meds in half, was 100/60 on Tuesday in town.

Am hoping for real tomatoes by the end of this month, was hot early this year in BC tomato country, super good ones come from Lilooet or Lytton.

Tour de Fle…