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Plied this yarn the old fashioned way, using surgically repaired right leg, and after winding it into skeins find I didn't do such a hot job, have lots to learn about manually plying. Keep hoping the belts I ordered will come, then can go back to using the homemade electric wheel, bobbin on it holds nearly two pound. These two skeins are just under 450 yards. Think maybe washing might help, if not can always use the yarn in mittens or hats, so not a complete waste.

Last black bear seen Tuesday the 14th, am sure more are around but unless I am in wool room I usually miss seeing them. This one is # 8 so far this season.

Have an appointment with my Williams Lake DR for Wednesday, trying to figure out why my INR results are all over the map, one time its 2.2 the next week it bounced up to 5.7. After seeing DR will pick up groceries and head west. Will be nice to have fresh produce again. Haven't been in a store since May 8th so needless to say am out of every thing.

Macaroni Salad

Macaroni cooked, celery chopped, small pieces cheese ready, dressing made (plain yogurt, mayo and small amount sour cream, lots of dill. Now just waiting for eggs to cool so I can peel them and chop into salad. The first time this year for it, usually made over Mother Days weekend (my Mothers absolute favorite meal) but was away and then weeks got away from me. Will have enuff for many meals, am my Mothers daughter (like it pretty well myself).

Finished the two bobbins of the BFL-Silk mix will eventually be socks for me as well as a couple of other people. Then with what was left from the big all of roving spinning another bobbin of mix but much finer, should be fingering weight once plied. Got in 45 minutes early on the finer mix, try to spin as soon as my first cup of coffee is finished, so far so good. Then again after supper for close to another 45 m.

Yesterday morning Tatlako was the coldest spot in CANADA at 7 am, -2.9°C, lots of gardens hit with frost. And mountains all covered…


Celery, carrots and d-boned chicken in soup pot, will add rice closer to supper time. Perfect day for a pot of soup, 50° F and rain showers. Was cold enuff to briefly run electric heat for a while this morning. Low single digits over next week in early morning, with one day showing a frost warning.

Went out to knitting bee on Wednesday, Christine had her sweater done, quite a good job, all is my handspun.

Then had to go back to Tatla on Thursday for blood work, last week INR was 2.5 exacty where they want it to be, this Thurs. it was 5.6 way to high, so leaving off Warfarin yesterday and only taking a half dose today and for rest of the week until I go back next Thurs for more blood letting as per DR orders. Nurse Ruth warned me to call if I bleed anywhere, no sharp knives in my future. For all the INR problems I do feel good, usual amount of energy, spin lots in the morning, attending to house early afternoon (kitchen today and soup prep), then after supper while watching news bring …

Good News

Lake City Glass was in yesterday to finally replace window that a grouse (I think) broke last September, window was low E glass two panes with argonne gas in between, so only the outside part of the window broke. $700 dollars later window is as good as new.

Finished the 4th bobbin of the variegated reds & pinks, Have enuff of the last braid to nearly fill bobbin #5. Waiting on the belts for my homemade electric spinning wheel that I ply with, once that pkg. arrives will quit spinning for a while and just ply, definitely not my favorite part of the job but situation is getting critical, if I am to have any empty bobbins for upcoming Tour de Fleece have to force myself to do it.

Another black bear last Saturday, 7am just wandering. Someone said all the sightings are prolly just the same bear, wait next one I see will run right out and ask if you have been in the yard 4 different times, of course this person has never seen a bear except maybe in a zoo.

Two pair of socks for M, have …