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Goodies found

Looking in my largest Rubbermaid container for a long missed braid of variegated green instead found 4 braids of a variegated red Falkland, nearly 32 oz, got it out and started spinning it, and its loverly, like the way it spins and the color, (also found the braid of the green that I started out looking for).

Will try and spin a couple of hours in maybe 30 minute sessions to get fingers ready for upcoming Tour de Fleece. I really don't need anymore handspun yarn but the spinning is my favorite part, plying not so much and of course I do enjoy knitting with my own handspun.

Can't seem to get my INR (Warfarin blood stuff) stable, running now at 1.5 should be higher between 2 and 3, reducing the risk of more blood clots. Guess I'll have to seriously reduce green stuff (high in Vitamin K), cutting back on salads will be the hardest thing.

Yesterday Tatlayoko was coldest spot in BC, -4.4°C, this is of course is only at places with environment Canada weather stations, because…


Woke this morning just after 4am to the sound of rain on my metal roof, glorious rain, much needed. Proceeded to rain most of the day, a gentle rain that hopefully soaked into the ground. And new snow on surrounding mountains. Tried to get a pix but clouds got in the way. Forecast is for below freezing temps for most of the next week, so may be able to get pix tomorrow. Clear today so got pix of new leaves and new snow on Niut Mountain, just a bit south of my place.

Finished the afterthought heels on latest Monstersocks, they'd been done for some time but kept putting off doing the heels. Thought I had counted rows carefully enuff that they would fit me when finished, no way, closer to a size 9.5 than the 7.5 I wanted, even used row count from an older pair. Didn't work this time. with arthritis in my hands rearing its ugly head sock making is much slower than usual. So far hands seem to be OK with spinning. Maybe when I start on the sleeve to sleeve sweater I'll be using …

Spring Desert Mesa

Home Tuesday mid day from Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC. Had made arrangements for car unloader to come off the school bus, Lucas can unload car in just minutes, would have taken me a couple of days. Two flats bottled water (24 each) he can carry them both at the same time, I have trouble with just one.

Desert Mesa was as usual a good time, got nearly 4 bobbins filled, gave a bunch of stuff to Gudie to be upcycled, and took 9 full bobbins for her to wind off, stuff now I wonder why I even spun. But the empty bobbins are a treat. I was pleased to find the steps to be not a problem, had been concerned about going up after every meal, down was easy but up I thought might be sorta difficult, just went up a bit slower than usual. While I had been in the hospital was worried that I might never be able to go to DM again and only took one mid day nap.

3 of the Vancouver Island gals made a comfort shawl for Karen B (she lost her son in Sask. some time ago), someone likened the Van Is gals to…

This and That

Started yesterday with a couple of loads of laundry (and of course washed a Kleenex in first load, not yet making them any stronger), made a mell of a hess, then changed my bed to fresh flannel sheets, including a clean comforter cover (that takes me quite some time getting it on the comforter). After all that I started gathering up stuff to go to DM, found a bag with about 30 rows of doubled handspun on big needles, have no idea what it was planning on being, so ripped it all out, that also took lots of time. Not sure what I'll do with all the yarn, bigger balls I will keep and the smaller balls will find a new home.

Tammy sent pix of her wearing the socks, kind of a crap shoot when I make and mail socks to someone I don't know, ever so glad they fit and she liked them. Have only one more pair to do for KH down near Chillawack, then will be taking a sorta break on ordered socks. Will likely always have a pair on the needles but just doing what I want.

Home to almost summer

Down my dry driveway just after 1pm on Wednesday, big load of stuff in car, spinning wheel, suitcase, puter and groceries both from Freddies in states and produce and 2 flats water and such from Williams Lake. Lucas came on school bus with note from his parents allowing him to get off here, he had car unloaded in the usual 10 minutes. I then took him home $20 in his pocket.

Whidbey was OK in that I got to see lots of people that I only see there, but it is a lot of effort, and I did get tired, would return to motel and have a quick 30 minute nap, then check email and knit. Only thing I bought was a small bunch of bright colored roving for Denise and 3 more of the little Folca cases. Assorted shots from Whidbey, several early before people starting arriving.

Home until this Wednesday when I head back into town for various errands on Wed then south on Thursday to Cache Creek for spring Desert Mesa. Wasn't at all sure I would be able to do DM but Whidbey trip showed me that as long …

Whidbey Island

Day 1 of the spinning weekend is over, after the featured speaker finished I split. Guess I was a bit tired, so headed back to motel for a quick 30. Two nights in a row now have just had yogurt for what passes for supper, just didn't feel like going back out and I never go out anywhere after dark. So me and puter along with the ever present knitting are hard at it. So far haven't bought anything, altho will tomorrow get a bright something for Denise.

Am amazed at how well I am feeling, a bit tired at the end of the day but think that happens at home as well. Friend Val wasn't able to come but Sue did and Terry N from Ellensburg, so had friends to sit with.

Tomorrows program is using the blending board, that's something I am just not interested in, the blending board I had I sold to Val (and guess she is going greats guns with it). Same gal that will talk about same is the one I took the class from at NwRSA conference last June, not terribly impressed with her as teac…