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This and That

Got out on nice muddy roads on Wednesday to Knitting Bee, but muddy means the ice is melting and for that I will put up with getting my pants legs up against the lower parts of the car while getting out. And wonder of wonders once on the seal cote (pavement sorta) on the way down the hill into Tatla Lake there was even some dust. Also right now at 4°C or 39°F its either going to snow or rain, can barely see the south mountains. Spring snow squalls yet to come.

Took the current sock with to KB and am now withing a few color patterns of having 2nd sock finished, this pair with be going to NC when finished. Next will be the socks for KH in Chilliwack, they should go quicker because she wants them several inches shorter in the leg than what I'm now working on. Have the perfect blue picked out and I think will be adding purples, reds, dark gray maybe a darker teal. Just starting to sort colors out in my wanderings.

I am doing really well here by myself, dishes all caught up that was on…

Latest news

Out to Tatla on Thursday with me driving both ways, pretty much got a clean bill from Dr Rob. Results of latest tests, blood and everything else came back good. Other than having to prolly stay on Warfarin for the rest of my life, he thought I was OK. And then on Friday back to Tatla to take Lorelee in to catch a ride going to Williams Lake, once I got the Dr OK she decided it was time for her to go home, she had been here for one day short of a month, and I certainly know the first few weeks I couldn't have been here alone, so am grateful for her putting up with me for so long.

Am even thinking of going down to Whidbey Island the first few days of April, that of course depends on how much the excess medical is going to be, now with the blood clot history it might be prohibitive. Will check in Williams Lake when I take my inc tax stuff in early in March.

Back knitting on the wild socks for Tammy in NC, not yet able to stay with the knitting as I have in the past, first sock is do…

Day by Day

Out to Tatla this morning for 2nd go round of blood work, trying to find the correct dosage of warfarin, right now am on 5m. Rob physician at clinic said its up to me about usage of cane, verra glad to hear that as am pretty tired of it falling over and making lots of noise especially at night when I'm trying to be quiet on nighttime walks to washroom.

And yesterday Sahnte helped me get my spinning wheel out of its bag and usable again, AND today I had a go at it, all is right with my world haven't forgot how to spin. Have a leftover bump of a light gray wool mix from Birkeland Bros from about 10+ years ago. Will eventually be socks for various peoples that I feel I owe.

And have been back to working on Tammy's socks, lots of colors and patterns, 'feels good to be back in my world'.

Weather continues wild & crazy from rain just over a week or so ago to 2 days this week with my valley being the coldest spot in BC.

Lorelee put the leftover turkey bones out by th…