Monday, September 21, 2015

This and That

Still waiting for the glass place in Williams Lake to contact me about window, was in once and have phoned now twice with both calls telling me they would get back to me, nada. Poor customer service for sure and if I could go anywhere else would do so in a heartbeat.

With football on the telly over the weekend I finished the first very colorful sock for JR on Vanc Island, and immediately cast on for #2, will use the same main color then switch patterns and colors all around, she wanted flamboyant and fraternal, my idea of fun. More football tonight (am addicted) should finish ribbing and get well along on first patterns, once color starts things seem to move right quick.

Rain the last couple of days (most welcomed) and cold enuff that mountains are dressed now with lots of new snow, can't get a pix this morning as they are all socked in, but pix I took last Wednesday from Parks Hill shows the first dusting they got, lots more now. Environment Canada's weather page for Tatlako show temps in -2 to -3 range (C), usually a bit colder up at my place. Last night had one of the big ugly flying millers in the house, couldn't see where it landed so couldn't dispatch the critter, nothing I hate more than one of them in the house at night.

Hoping I can make it to Knitting Bee this Wednesday, have yarn to bring for Deb to look at, and several other things to do as well, time now to keep gas tank on car full, just never know and since Tatla is only place to buy it might as well fill up while there.

Second batch of soup today, first was chicken w/ rice today's will be a burger vegetable, have local potatoes, carrots, and a smallish turnip, celery, cabbage and the burger is from Meat Market in Wms. Lake, extra lean grass fed, no longer will be buying any meat from big chain grocery stores esp Wally World where most of their pork is coming back here after being handled and packed in China.

Two new followers, welcome.

Sunday, September 13, 2015


Up early Thursday morning to get ready for trip to town, heard a big crash while still getting dressed, thought I had knocked something off the dresser in my bedroom, nope. Once out of bedroom and into living room immediately saw what noise had been, a grouse or something else big has crashed into the middle big window, hard enuff to smash the outside layer of glass, it was a Low E glass window , 2 layers with Argonne gas in between, nothing I could do but carry on into town, first place I went was Lake City Glass, someone will stop in sometime this week, measure and order replacement window.

Stayed in town with friends and first thing Friday morn headed for Farmers Market, except no one had ANY tomatoes, nada, zero. Then checked with Beaver Valley Feed Store and they had a small box of what I would call 3rd quality, have to cut lots off each tomato, barely better than nothing. Everything else went OK on the trip, loaded car at grocery store and left just after noon, home about 10 minutes when school bus dropped off unloader Lucas. Denise had picked up 4 flats of bottled water when it was on sale, so had quite a load, my house water still has funny taste, OK once boiled and for showers but prefer not to drink it. I take all empty water bottles back to town for recycling. After he unloaded car he put in lots of bags of stuff to go to the dump, after that dropped him off at his driveway on the way back home.

Working on first sock of pair going to JR on Vanc Island, dark gray is main colour then lots of colour into the patterns, so far so good, they will be fraternal.

Thursday, September 3, 2015


41°F (5°C) and still raining, hallelujah. Hope it rains steady for the next couple of days. Right now I even have puddles on my driveway. We so badly needed the moisture, fire hazard is dropping by the hour. A good day to stay indoors and attend to my kitchen, will be making chicken soup of some sort, just got carrots yesterday from Selma, can't have soup without carrots, just pulled from her garden 10 or so minutes before I got there.

Found another started sock, just the ribbing and one pattern done, will keep it set aside while I work on the socks for JR on Vanc Island and the other pair of Monstersocks (1st sock nearly to the toe decreases). So many ideas percolating this time of year, days just aren't long enuff.

Cleaned the filter on the back of my wool room electric heater, fired it up this morning, first time its been on since last spring. When I bought it the company had advertised it would run for 10¢ an hour, its been a godsend, propane when I need it costs over 10$ a day, close to $300 a month.

And tonight am hoping I will be able to find the Michigan-Utah football game on the telly.

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