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Chicken soup

How do I love my homemade chicken with rice soup, let me count the ways, made Saturday afternoon, had it for supper, then again Sunday for supper, last night then the leftover bit for lunch today. Not bad for 2 skinless boneless chicken breast, carrots, celery and 1 container chicken broth. Have a turkey breast thawing in the fridge for Christmas supper, lots of leftovers, with one of my faves being turkey ala king over toast, then the carcass into the soup pot. Will be ready for another batch about then.

Have 3 pair socks on the needles again, just don't understand how this can happen. For Tammy in NC, the second red sock and another pair of leftovers for Monstersocks, only newly started are the socks for Tammy the rest are older projects.

Lots of tracks out in front of my car this morning either visiting dogs or coyotes, what ever, they were quiet. Usually if it was coyotes they would have been singing. And I haven't a clue what they were looking for.

Don't know how I ev…


Got out yesterday to Knitting Bee in Tatla and picked up my produce order while there, first produce in almost 7 weeks, so for supper had salad and a small ham sandwich. Honey ham was in the order. So now for Christmas supper will have a turkey breast, yam, carrot salad and maybe will cook half a spaghetti squash, thus guaranteeing leftovers for several more meals. Then IMHO the best part of the turkey breast is turkey noodle soup.

In the order were two of Tim Horton's Christmas mugs, red & white in almost a knitting themed design, the best they have ever done. Have at least one of the mugs from maybe the last 10 years, perfect size for my one cup of coffee a day.

Next pix is the red sock with mug and skein of Christmas red Heritage wool & silk mix, ball for second sock would not make it so ordered a couple of skeins from Jimmy Beans in Nevada (seems as tho Paradise was out the this color). So my red themed pix.

Yesterdays mail had a Christmas parcel from the brother and S…


Nearly 8 am and still dark enuff that I can't tell if its still snowing, the snow has been coming in waves, never lasts long enuff to put down the feet we need. Last year was a disaster snow wise didn't get enuff to count. Nope can now tell that it is not snowing, but more predicted for tomorrow.

Working on 3 sock project now, a bit every day on each one. The red (AF heel) Monstersocks, a purple pair for Tammy and a toddler pair out of fine handspun (these won't take long) then back to the others. Last year had a deal with a neighbor that when she went to the dump (icy) she would stop and pick up mine maybe every 3 weeks or so, meanwhile I made socks for her then 6 month old granddaughter, got to experiment with new to me patterns and colors and baby had warm feet.

Denise in town picked up some produce for me and got it to Lorelee (also in town), she is headed out here to babysit somebodies place and will deliver produce at Knitting Bee on Wednesday, round about but hey wh…


Didn't go anywhere just not much happening worth writing about.

Got to Tatla Lake for Christmas sale on the 28th, not usually a place that my stuff sells but this year surprised me, sold more there than I ever had. Lots of baby & toddler socks, 3 adult pair and several other small things. So maybe I'll do it again next year.

While waiting for the purple yarn to arrive have gone back to a red pair of Monstersocks started last May, then put in time out while I worked on other projects. Have been unhappy with the heel flap and then decreases needed, messed up patterns and wasn't happy with that. So went back to the afterthought heel, it lets me carry on with my patterns without worrying about the decreases necessary to get right number of stitches. Current sock is Christmas red from Heritage wool & silk with purples, oranges and dark blues. Nearly to the toe decreases on sock #1.

Had another pair on Monstersocks started about the time the afterthought heel bell went…