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Road trip

Left Tuesday 24th for Williams Lake, several things to do around town then up to Lorelee's to stay the night. Left for points south early Tuesday, hit heavy snow just south of 100 Mile House, didn't stick to the road but sides of the road sure got white in a hurry, then when I ran out of snow hit heavy rain all the rest of the way. Met up with Kristie for coffee at Timmies (she won a free cuppa and gave me the roll up the rim empty) to get a freebie on the way home. Day 2 at Whidbey Islands spin in now officially over, Judith Mackenzie was the speaker (on color) then how to blend colors for Sunday. For the first time ever I didn't take even one pix. Bad me. Also didn't buy any wool, none or even any yarn.

Rhododendrons in bloom, daffs, tulips and prolly more that I didn't get close enuff to. And of course green grass.

Will be heading north tomorrow with a stop in Belly-ham to pick up books from Carol T, then a few groceries from Freddies. Hopefully the border line …

Sock Stuff

Who knew that a simple pix of some of my socks drying on my folding wood rack would generate almost 500 likes, last I checked Addicted to Socks list was at 475 likes and the rest from a Facebook post. Amazing.

Have started gathering up knitting to take with on my upcoming road trip, so far have unfinished first blue - green Monstersock, a start on a red pair (ribbing is done), and then at least one more pair of something. Will end up with almost as much yarn as clothes. But just in case will be prepared.

Lots of traffic and noise over by the river this morning, looks like I have another pair of Canada geese getting ready to claim river as theirs. Had a pair nesting a couple of years ago and this might even be same pair. Anything noisy will set them off flying in a big circle honking all the way, really really nice to be woke up before first light with two big honkers flying close by.

Have out a small pkg of chicken livers 8 oz, that and a few nugget potatoes, and a small spaghetti sq…


Stash Adequate For Eternal Re-incarnation, (thanks Dotty) having reached this stage some time ago have finally bit the bullet and decided I won't be buying anymore sock yarns for some time (unless the new Regia comes out soon). Have some Koigu (already bought) to pick up in the states when I head down to Whidbey and will be picking up 8 or 9 bags of various books that a friend is getting rid of, knitting and such. Including the EZ videos (priceless).

After the last week or so barely getting to 32° F (0°C) last nights -13°C, 12° F was a shock, because it had been so warm I left my bedroom window open about halfway that meant it was very cold in my bedroom when I got up just after 6, took clothes to living room to get dressed.

Have been playing around with a seamless garter stitch baby bootie, something like the one that the Yarn Harlot did some time ago. But I didn't want to do a sock type with a turned heel. So experimented with the really old idea of doing a separate knitted…


Sorting a pile of CD's this morning, found most to have been recorded (by me) in MP3 mode, each CD can hold a tremendous amount of music, all told I have just over 84 hours of assorted stuff. And they won't play in my CD changer in my Subaru. If (and that's a big if) i get a different car will make sure that CD's in the MP3 mode will play. I can't even remember why I did so many, some are dated back to 2008, so vintage stuff.

Took advantage of a recent sale at Knit Picks and got some almost neon colors to add zing to my socks and gloves, some for me and some for Christine at Knitting Bee.

Big south wind today, between the wind and 44° F the remaining snow is melting fast. Forecast is for temps in the 40's and even into the 50's for the rest of this week (I'll take it). Has been one of the warmest March, so far that I can remember, again between the wind, sunshine and warm temps the mud will even be drying up.

While in town last time with some spare ti…