Friday, April 25, 2014

Sock Mojo

Mojo is back, started working on a pair of Monstersocks yesterday and so far really like what I am doing, dk. green followed by a big bunch of leftover blues, green variegated, purples and light greens. Have just got into first pattern used a blue from Hazel Knits followed by a var. LL's. Now if I could only get flickers to move on would be happier than hell.

Came within one mouse click yesterday of buying a bunch of Cascade Heritage sock yarns from eBay. Looked at colors and I know I have all of them in my stash, even tho they went for a really good price I didn't need them. Am going to try really hard to avoid eBay for sock yarns and even deleted a blurb from Little Knits on sale sock yarns, have enuff. So no new roving and no sock yarns for at least this summer and maybe even into the fall.

The whole south end of the valley is socked in and looking like something nasty this way comes. Can't see the big mountains and I know that they are still there. Thunderman and Lightfoot are in the forecast for today, the rain we need badly so hope we get lots.

Went to the clinic in Tatla yesterday for DR requested lab work, blood (lots) and had to pee in a tiny little cup, harder than it sounds. Results will go directly to DR and if anything unusual shows up will get letter to call and make an appointment. I will be in town on Friday May 2nd would be nice if that worked out. Williams Lakes annual spin in is on May 3rd and look forward to seeing people there that I only see once a year.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Spring ?????

A skiff of snow yesterday morning, and this morning -8°C (18°F), doesn't feel much like spring in the morning. Have furnace in wool room going and in main part of the house, even with the heat, still have on a lined flannel shirt.

Yesterday I went outside to scare flickers away from pounding on the house (they now have quite a big hole), every time they were back at it before I could even get back indoors. Only thing I can think of left is a BB gun or maybe even a pellet gun. Opening the window and hollering doesn't faze them anymore, only going out does the trick but that wears thin real quick.

Have ripped out the started ribbing for two socks, both times had at least 30 rows 2x2 ribbing done and every time I looked at them thought why, didn't much like the colors I had picked out, so to the frog pond. Instead will try different color combos out making socks for kidlets. Go ever so much faster and if'n colors don't work out will still keep little feet warm somewhere. Also thinking about more Koigu gloves, maybe starting out with a solid color before adding all the wild & crazies. Also the Susan B Anderson little dolls are calling my name.

Ate the last of my salad fixings last night, will miss that until I go back into town.

Monday, April 21, 2014


I’ve lost the war, flickers and sap suckers have won. Two days now that the pounding on metal chimney has got me up just about first light, this morning was just after 5 am. Seems as tho they know when and where I’ll be and then pound on the opposite side of the house, I scare them away only to have the shits move to the front or other side. If'n I had a BB gun might be tempted to use it.

Since I’m up so early today's plans include changing ink carts in printer and then running several things thru, provided printer and puter are still talking to each other. Am quite sure its cheaper to buy a new printer than ink carts. Have found tho that it is about 50 to 60% cheaper buying them at Office Something while in states, last batch got all the colours needed for less than just black cart in Staples. Since I was down long enuff for full duty free allowance should have bought two of everything and still would have been well under allowable limit. Even with groceries figured in only spent $200 and customs couldn’t have cared less, no bacci or booze greases the way thru.

Just did a quick survey of dyed fibre on hand and have decided that no more dyed fibre for the remainder of this year, the little bit I bought from Smith & Ewe while at Desert Mesa is it. Pretty sure I will safely make it until this time next year and not even come close to running out. Williams Lake spin in coming up on May 3rd and I will take the second 150 gram package of what Mary-anne calls sunrise but I think it reminds me more of beach sand. And since its all day may throw in another something just in case.

As soon as current socks are finished am going to go after Mary, Millie and Morgan dolls designed by Susan B Anderson, pattern calls for dk yarn from Quince but found at $7.20 a skein and with all the colours needed would be spending several hundred dollars just on the yarn, so will instead try smaller needles and give fingering yarn a try. Dolls are knit in one piece from the top down and then stuffed.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


Knitting bee today in Tatla Lake, a day late because of a funeral service yesterday in the church. I picked up 6 loaves of bread on the way there and stuck them in church freezer and promptly forgot them when I left. They can wait in freezer until next KB I make it out for. Have 'Great Plains' bread from SaveOn in my freezer so OK with the other waiting.

Took the orangerino socks out to work on, another couple of inches done and ready for first decrease round next. For the first time in a really long time don't yet have anything else lined up, maybe some of the kidazzle from Little Knits, or Monstersocks for order from Colorado. Good thing I don't live close to Little Knits, seems as tho they have so much on sale that I'd buy if I was in the area.

Leftover chicken strips (with honey, soy sauce and garlic) along with another large salad. Even cut up 2 spears asparagus into the salad just as good raw IMO. Have often wondered if I would get tired of salad if I had a year round source, doubt it since there are so many ways of mixing same up, tonight had mixed organic greens, cilantro, cucumber, small pieces of cheese, tomato and the asparagus.

Biggest problem in front of me since getting home are the flickers pounding on various places on house, one stupid bird even has quite a large hole drilled on east side. Opening window and scaring it off prolly 25+ times a day. Then small red-napped sapsucker pounding on drain spout, enuff to wake me about first light. Way earlier that I like getting up.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Whidbey and Desert Mesa

Two big (in my world) events two weekends in a row. First Whidbey Island spinning weekend in a way to crowded room, Diane and Terry N. came over from Ellensburg, missed having spinning bud Gail along with. Didn't buy anything while there, lots of looking tho. Drive down to Whidbey was perfect, saw green grass and lots of flowers, still freezing every night here.

Then the next weekend Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC, Thursday thru Sunday. Did buy a bit of fibre while there, 2 pkg. of pencil roving for Denise and 4 small (about 100 g) pkgs for me, one is nearly all spun. Found I had to ply while at DM (most hated part of job), used Mary-anne Smiths Louet S70 with much bigger bobbins, not my best work fer sure, yarn was way over spun so some kinky pigtails showing up. Had hoped to knit mittens and felt them but fibre (from Mary-anne) she says its likely super wash, so maybe fleece stuffed mitts instead.

Delivered the almost famous knee socks to Gudie and very unhappily discovered they were no where near high enuff to even come close to her knees. She liked them enuff to wear all the rest of the day and am ever so relieved for that.

Saturday night Gail, Dottie, and Karen provided blank sweater shaped sugar cookies and all the goodies to decorate into the ugliest sweaters cookies possible, some were outstanding.

Left Cache Creek after lunch on Sunday for 'the Willie' stayed up at Titford's, then Monday morning grocery shopping at SaveOn, how I fit the stuff I bought into the car remains a mystery. Headed west for the high country just after 12, picked up new unloader Dorian, he had car emptied in less than 20 minutes, took him home and came back to put all perishables away before taking a break. Still have a few things left to sort out, canned goods, shampoo, bar soap etc. Lots of produce, mixed organic salad greens, spinach, romaine, even head lettuce, salads until I run out again. Best part of grocery shopping IMO.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Green Grass and Flowers

Oak Harbor, WA on beautiful Whidbey Island, where spring has sprung. Flowers everywhere tulips, daffodils, rhododendrons, and more that I didn't get out to see who they were. Warm enuff yesterday to briefly have a/c on. Whidbey spinning do gets underway 10 and am I ever looking forward to visiting with peoples I only get to see once a year. Had supper last night with Terry from Eburg, ate at Jumbo Buffet, while I dearly love it won't go there again tonight, to tempting. Will try and find someplace with a salad bar.

Have 2 (about) 5 oz bags of BFL in shades of purple to spin, and golly gee if I should get it all done am sure there will be a vendor or 2 or 3 that would be glad to sell me something else. Am hoping I can make it into the bldg in one trip, have rolling luggage cart for wheel, can hang over the handle the lazy kate and maybe one more light bag, then purse and basket with spinning fiber, tool kit (spare belts etc.), lunch etc. on my arm.

Lots of gas stations giving 10¢ discount for debit or cash, not sure if my debit card would work but likely have cash enuff to fill up before I leave. So much selection down here that it is almost overwhelming.

Cast on socks out of the Kidazzle, oh my goodness that is nice stuff, 70% wool, 20% kid mohair, 10 % nylon, going to make exceptional socks. Using the blue - green right top of pix, next to the bright orange. Wish I knew how to add an arrow to the pix, am sure there is a way but haven't figured that out yet.

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