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This and That

World Cup Soccer equals lots of knitting time. Have finished the the last of the Koigu gloves (for now anyway), the Orangerino socks and have ribbing done on second blue Monstersock. Once its done will look over the stash and see what reaches out and grabs me.

The small bit in front of the O socks is all I had left after finishing, cutting it close. The light colored bit on the Monstersocks is where the afterthought heel will go. The gloves are more Koigu leftovers.

Have had enuff rain over the last week or so that everything is growing like crazy, just hope it keeps raining, cuts down the fire hazard quite a bit. Having yard cut greatly reduces the mozzies as well, might be able to get to the river fishing (legal July 1st), looking forward to Rainbow trout for supper.

A new follower this morning, welcome.

Koigu Gloves & Yard Work

Finished another pair of Koigu gloves, (my favorites so far) going to LK in Seattle. Already am thinking of another pair and with soccer game starting in about 40 minutes should get pretty well along on the start.

Anna B in with her grand dads riding lawn mower, she cut my whole yard full of weeds I call grass, as fire season fast approaches am glad to have stuff cut. Not only for fire season but it helps with mozzie control as well. For the money I gave her she will come back again.

Frost 5 mornings in June so far, predictions are for another couple of cold nights before cold snap departs. But forecast also shows rain for next 3 days, so grass will start growing again real quick.


Got home just after 1 pm on Wednesday 4th, brought in several bags of produce first thing, then knitting, puter and camera. All the rest waited until I gathered up Lucas to unload the heavy stuff. Shortly after taking him home I crashed, slept from 4 to almost 7 pm. Then had a big salad for supper, best part of the long drive from town.

Almost -3° yesterday and today looks like more of the same, nice to get rid of mozzies temporarily but tough on the gardeners. Hoping Saskatoon's made it before the mornings with frost. Have great difficulty turning heat on in June so instead back to the wool sweater.

Finished the conservative blue & green Monstersock #1, now that I am home with stash at hand can get ready the second ball of the main color in the Orangerino's, knit enuff on them that I was down to a walnut sized ball of the Hazel Knits main color. Also on the go is the Koigu gloves in more green, blues and purples, at the point of joining the little finger. Want to have th…

Headed home

Back in BC, crossed the border yesterday, with only 5 cars in the line ahead of me, piece of cake. Declared everything I bought, (well within my duty free limit), new camera (Canon G16), and another pair of Alegria shoes, plus misc small stuff, no problems at all. Left Ellensburg just before 9 am and was at Northgate to meet Linda early, so had time to find a haircut (much needed).

Headed north this morning, Williams Lake in about 6-7 hours, then thinking I will head for home tomorrow. Understand that there has been lots of rain while I have been gone so my yard will have grass knee high, must get something to keep it under control, riding lawnmower would be best. The BCS brush cutter I bought in 97 turned out to be a POS, prolly in the time I've owned it have had it usable for maybe 50 hours total.

Spent Sunday at Yarn Folk in Eburg and the knitting group that meets there on Sunday, most enjoyable day. Bought one skein of a variegated reds for maybe more gloves, unable to find Ko…