Monday, April 29, 2013

29 April and snow

Woke up this morning to the ground white with a pretty good skiff of new snow. Ewww just a tad bit late in season me thinks.

Have single sock done in Monstersock style and am seriously considering either frogging it or giving it away to someone that wants to hang on the wall. Uninspired to make a sock that comes close to matching. Meanwhile back at the farm the second sock using Hazel Knits yarn as main color is moving right along. Do believe that HK will become my new favorite yarn especially as the main color in Monstersocks. Ordered two skeins of purple from HK for upcoming knee socks.

The macaroni salad was perfect and just in time, had drop in company (they stayed for lunch), friends had brought fixin's for sandwiches, homemade w/w bread and several kinds of deli meats, so mac salad went nicely with the sandwiches.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Socks (still, again, more)

Finished these last night while watching 'The National' at 7 pm, not so sure they will be among my favorites. 2 more single socks to finish then am hoping to work on something out of my handspun yarn, thinking about a baby surprise sweater using up a bunch of odds & sods, will be colorful and suited to a baby. Got to knitting bee yesterday and then to the library for much needed reading material.

23rd & 24th were the birthdays of my brother Rick (in Texas) and my Mom, she would have been 94, so will tomorrow make the macaroni salad she was so fond of. Was almost the first thing she asked for when ever I visited. She never knew I used half plain yogurt in the dressing instead of straight mayo.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Zero dark thirty

Hate in my heart for Flickers, while I am usually an early riser really do hate being woke up just before daylight breaks with the dumb birds pounding on either my metal roof or the chimney. Searching for a mate is my guess and he that makes the most noise must be the winner. Then if they quit long enuff for me to fall back asleep something disturbs the geese and they fly making easily as much noise, the price I pay for the mountain view.

Still using flannel all around on my bed, changed yesterday. Yesterdays low almost made it down into single digits and with window wide open was cold enuff in bedroom that I decided to get dressed where the heat was. I know that I sleep better when room is on the cold side.

Ordered two skeins of purple yarn from Hazel Knits, will I think be the main color in upcoming knee socks, already have the lime green, red, hot pink, orange and will find some odd balls of other wild colors in my stash. Will be only my second or third pair of knee socks, have kind of avoided them because of the falling down issues but G said she would sew in elastic somewhere to keep them up and wearing over tights will help with the downwards slide of same.

Haven't seen a bear yet so far, aware that they are out and about, several neighbors have seen a sow grizzly. Keeping my camera right handy just in case. First black bear last year was May 1st.

Friday, April 19, 2013

The odd socks

KL and her odds. Wish I had a pix of her wearing them, will have to ask for same.

Highways with much big equipment up above my place on main road fixing several large frost heaves, when I saw them Wednesday morning thought that a big 4x4 could easily sink up to its axle. Wish I had stopped to get a pix.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Home again after two back to back weekends of spinning, first down to Whidbey Island for their annual spinning do, then the next weekend Desert Mesa in Cache Creek, BC. Between the two I filled 3 bobbins of fairly fine yarns, 2 of the merino-nylon mix and another of BFL-Silk mix. As soon as I get a few empty bobbins will continue with the light gray BFL stuff. Took Gail's Christmas & birthday gifts to her at DM, wild & crazy gloves, Christmas tea towel, and the bag with her name on it.

Took a zip lock bag full of leftover lil bits for Gudie to play with, when I finish the inside of my socks always end up with pieces 2+ inches long, Gudie does wonderful wild yarns with the scraps.

While I was gone believe that it snowed 6 out of the 14 I was out of the valley but came home to no snow in my yard, wonder of wonders. Even the main Tatlako road was bare. And spring is officially here heard the geese flying & honking at just before 5am and the flickers are back drumming on my metal roof. Wish they could hear what I say when they start.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Back in BC

Left Whidbey Island Monday morning. Spinning weekend was as usual run perfectly, every thing on time, and featured speaker (Sarah Swett) talked and showed slides Saturday then a bit of a hands on demo Sunday. Uneventful border crossing instead of huge lineups only had maybe 15 minutes to wait. We were both well under allowable limit for goods so that helped as well. If all goes according to plans will head north Wednesday. Have a few pix to load but camera is in the car, will get it later and post the pix.

Then Desert Mesa is on this coming weekend so will be heading back down the road to Cache Creek for that.

Friday, April 5, 2013

On the road again

Left home last Tuesday to slowly drift south, now in Oak Harbor on Whidbey Island. Will take in the guilds annual spinning weekend, just looking of course.

Guess several peeps have been curious why I have been keeping blog up to date, having troubles getting anything published via Firefox so now trying Google Chrome, it seems to be working.

Finally finished the pink w/ red socks, they seemed to take forever, prolly cause they weren't my favorites. But did finish them.

Now working on a pair for D2 in Eburg, will send her a pix soon to see if she likes them.

Daffs, rhodo's, tulips and most everything else is blooming down here and flurries predicted in my wild mountain valley.

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